12 Days of Christmas Cocktail Recipes

Christmas Cocktail Recipes

These are 12 perfect Christmas cocktail recipes, that you should mix up this holiday season. This list contains the best cocktails to make at home, especially when entertaining friends and family.

All together now, deep breath, and sing…”on the 1st Day of Cocktails my bartender gave to me…”

Happy mixing!

01. A Partridge in a Pear Tree / Sex on the Private Beach

No partridges or pears, more like palm trees for this cocktail. This Candra update on the rather cheesy disco classic ‘Sex on the Beach’, is ideal for the holiday season. Giving you a second, and possibly better use for all that cranberry sauce you bought, and all those oranges you picked up, to make your fruit bowl look more festive.

Sex on the Private Beach

02. Two Turtle Doves / Irish Coffees

A smooth as the purring song of the Turtle Dove, the Irish Coffee, is a perfect end to any holiday meal. Just when you’re sure you can’t eat any more, there’s always room for a deliciously smooth, and richly satisfying Irish Coffee. Of course, if you don’t love Irish Whiskey, you can always make a French Coffee with Cognac, or insert any country’s name in the title and use their signature spirit. 

Irish Coffee

03. Three French Hens / French Spritz

At first glance it may seem to be more of a summer drink, but you might live somewhere where Christmas is hot. If not, when isn’t a deliciously fresh and refreshing cocktail needed? The perfect antidote to all those heavy meals and just as heavy drinks. May very well also be the answer of ‘what to do’ with all that cucumber you bought that nobody bothered to eat, because nobody is eating salad right now!

French Spritz

04. Four Calling Birds / Breakfast Martinis

What’s better than birdsong in the morning? A Martini made for mornings and lunchtimes, afternoons, evenings, basically anytime. Not a Martini in the true sense of the word Martini (ie. Gin & Dry Vermouth). This is a Gin sour served up, using Marmalade not sugar to balance the recipe. Hence ‘breakfast’, and ‘Martini’, because all drinks served in a ‘Martini’ glass at that time were called Martinis!

Breakfast Martini

05. Five Gold Ring / Hyde’s Honey Old Fashioned’s

Make five of these and then look from above and you will indeed see five delicious, golden rings. Well, five golden Old Fashioned’s that are incredibly smooth with holiday appropriate flavour notes of honey, chocolate, and orange. So, better than five gold rings really.

Hyde’s Old Fashioned

06. Six Geese a-Laying / Amaretto Sours

Eggs, maybe not goose eggs to be fair, but eggs nonetheless have a long history in cocktails. One of the most famous uses for an egg is the sour. Made well, this drink is like an almondy lemon meringue pie. With a rich soft and unctuous foam, this Amaretto Sour classic recipe is perfect for holiday celebrations. 

Amaretto Sour

07. Seven Swans a-Swimming / Swimming Black Manhattans

The coolest swans are Black swans, and maybe the coolest Manhattan you can drink is a Black Manhattan. Dark and bittersweet, it’s a delicious twist on the classic Manhattan, switching out Sweet Vermouth for Amaro to make the ultimate post-holiday-meal Manhattan.

Black Manhattan

08. Eight Maids a-Milking / Colada Hard shakes

Ice-cream starts with milking, whether your milking cows or plants. This Candra Piña Colada recipe is both creamy and fruity. It’s a cocktail, it’s a desert, it’s a shake, it’s genius! The holidays are a busy time, which means you need this recipe, as it’s insanely delicious but also ridiculously easy to make. If push comes to shove, stick a little umbrella in your cocktail, put on a pair of sunglasses, and pretend you are poolside in a warm part of the world.

Colada Hard Shake

09. Nine Ladies Dancing / Dancing Madelines

The holidays are a time of year when you often end up with bottles of delicious booze. Some that you might only have at this time of year, and not know what to do with other than drink neat. The Madeline, is a delicious Candra original cocktail that’s perfect for mixing as a Christmas cocktail recipe. Flavorsome and complex, yet delicate, easy to drink and with broad appeal if you are entertaining the masses.

The Madeline

10. Ten Lords a-Leaping / Leaping Boulevardiers

Not quite a Lord, a Boulevardier is actually a ‘man about town’. Close enough, as far as we are concerned, to ensure this delicious classic gets onto this Christmas cocktail recipes list. Essentially the Boulevardier is a Negroni using Bourbon instead of Gin, creating a heavier, more full-bodied experience that’s perfect for the holiday season.


11. Eleven Pipers Piping / Piping Hot Toddies

The Hot Toddy, a simple must know classic that’s perfect for the cold holiday season. The warming and soothing qualities of the Hot Toddy aren’t just for the holidays though, it’s a great pick-me-up for any time of year, so learn how to make it at its best! 

Hot Toddy

12. Twelve Drummers Drumming / Ciders Mulling

Mulled Cider, hot delicious, rich, sweet and fragrant. Filling your house with the aromas of the holidays. It was a toss-up between the Spiced Honey Wine and the Mulled Cider for this Christmas cocktail recipe, but what we love about this drink is that the base is non-alcoholic. Delicious, pressed apple juice, warmed, mixed, and infused. It’s ready to drink as it is or mixed with your favourite spirit or liqueur. If you have twelve guests, you can serve this recipe twelve different ways and keep everyone happy. If you’re somewhere warm, you can also serve it long over ice instead.

Mulled Cider

We hope you enjoy making these delicious Christmas cocktail recipes this holiday season!

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