7 Essential Home Bar Tools to Make Cocktails Like a Pro

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Want to make cocktails at home, here are a few essential items.

01. Shakers

There are many different shapes and styles, but they’re all designed to do the same thing – rigorously shake ingredients and ice together. So which should you choose?


02. Mixing Vessels

The mixing jug is a different proposition to the cocktail shaker. With the shaker, there’s a real difference between what you can make work when you’re at home without a specialist shaker to hand (we’ve listed a number of them here). However, you wouldn’t pick a swing top jar to work an 8 hour shift behind a busy bar. 

When it comes to choosing a mixing jug though, the line is very much blurred between what you can repurpose at home and what you might buy from a professional equipment supplier. 

So, here’s our take on what you’ll want to equip yourself with!

Mixing Vessels

03. Jiggers

If you’re not actually working behind a bar, then speed is not vital, so you can use whatever measuring device you have to hand that works for you. 

Every recipe is simply a ratio of different ingredients. The ratio of these parts is all that matters, not the format in which you measure these units.

Therefore, even though measuring ingredients is absolutely vital… a jigger is probably the last thing you need to worry about in terms of getting your hands on professional equipment. 

But you’re here…so that means you’re probably ready to add this bit of kit to your collection!


04. Bar Spoons

It’s arguably the most important piece of equipment in your tool kit and yet, do you even need one? It’s a controversial question on the surface of it, however, when you really think about it…you do have choices.

The reality is, any professional bartender is going to have a bar spoon to hand at any moment, and that’s because they do so many different little jobs. Let’s break down those different jobs and see what the options are.

Cocktail Bar Spoons

05. Strainers

There are three key types of strainer you need…well, you can get away with just two, but you’re going to want all three. 

Each one has a different role when it comes to straining, depending on the drinks-making technique and ingredients being used. Texture is really important in any cocktail, and the humble strainer makes a huge impact on both the texture and look of the final drink.

So, here’s what you need to know!


06. Blender

Everyone needs a blender in their life from time-to-time. Such a versatile piece of equipment that can be used for making soups, smoothies and glorious frozen cocktails!


07. Muddlers

You can make many cocktails without a muddler and you might not even ever use it from one day to the next. However, it still makes our list of essential pieces of equipment. 


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