9 Ingredients to Make an Americano Cocktail

The classic Americano is a combination of three different alcoholic ingredients; Red Bitter Aperitivo, Sweet Vermouth and Sparkling Water. Your choice of brands for these three ingredients will have a huge impact on the drink you make. Deciding what combination makes your perfect version of this drink, is one of the great joys of making cocktails. 

All of the ingredients we recommend here are perfect for making a classic style Americano and are of high quality. 

Happy mixing & happy experimenting!

Bitter Aperitivo

A red, bittersweet aperitivo originating from Italy . Typically mixed into cocktails or served with sparkling water or orange juice. Usually drunk before meals to open the appetite; ie Aperitivo.

Sweet Vermouth

A sweetened ‘fortified wine’ with a dark brown / reddish colour depending on the brand. A ‘fortified wine’ is one that has distilled alcohol added to help preserve it, and Vermouths also have herbs and botanicals steeped into them. The name Vermouth comes from the German word ‘vermut’ meaning wormwood, an essential ingredient in a vermouth’s recipe of herbs and botanicals (except in the US). 

Sparkling Water

Historically, recipes called for different styles of sparkling waters such as club soda or seltzer. Different styles have different levels of minerality and carbonation. Sparkling water like Perrier is fairly low in minerality, meaning it’s not going to add a lot of flavours to your recipes, and it’s also high in carbonation, which is excellent for cocktails. Topo-Chico also has good carbonation but on the other hand has more salinity, so might not suit your taste in every cocktail, but is an excellent option in long citrusy drinks. Of course, if you want complete control, just get a Soda Stream and control it all yourself!

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