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What’s it all about?

Candra is an engaging digital resource for anyone wanting to make better drinks with or without alcohol.

Created by global drinks experts (that’s us!!), Candra is a colourful guide that simplifies confusing terminology and complex techniques using fun and educational tools to unlock the magic of cocktails for all.

Who is behind it?

HELLO!!! We are glad you made it on here… as we have debated at length if anyone would ever even read this!  

We are a small team of international drinks experts who have held a wide range of positions within the hospitality and drinks world. We have built and operated award winning bars, successfully led iconic and innovative brands, written books and educated drinks professionals globally. Blah, blah, blah… Don’t want to sound too pretentious… but the reason we mention this, is to assure you that the information you find on Candra hasn’t been pulled out of thin air… these are techniques we have been using, perfecting and teaching for yeeeeears! 

We are the people who get text messages and calls when our friends and family… or even when their friends and family… are attempting to make drinks:

  • Yo, what’s your Margarita recipe? And how do I make enough for 20 people?
  • Remember that drink they used to serve at that bar?… I want to make that! 
  • What in heaven’s name is a Hawthorne strainer? – do I need one?
  • I have lime, whiskey, rum, milk, honey and 10 people at my house! What can I make?!
  • Mmmmm why is it called a twist if it isn’t twisted?

We strongly believe drinks should be fun and accessible which is why we created this educational hub. We want to share our passion and experience to help guide you through the misconceptions and complexities of making and understanding great cocktails. 

How much juice can you squeeze from a lemon?!

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