Pro Equipment Guide – Jiggers / Measuring devices

If you’re not actually working behind a bar, then speed is not vital, so you can use whatever measuring device you have to hand that works for you. 

Every recipe is simply a ratio of different ingredients. The ratio of these parts is all that matters, not the format in which you measure these units.

Therefore, even though measuring ingredients is absolutely vital… a jigger is probably the last thing you need to worry about in terms of getting your hands on professional equipment. 

But you’re here…so that means you’re probably ready to add this bit of kit to your collection!




These days there is really only one style of jigger used by professionals…the vast majority of them anyway. 

It basically looks like a double ended hourglass. This gives you 4 different measurements with one end being twice the size as the other, and two other measurements etched on the inside. Measurements in between these 4 are judged by eye. 

Although there is essentially one design, this double ended jigger, there are a lot of variations on the same theme, the most commonly used being the Japanese style jigger – pictured below. 


Like with all the tools, personal preference comes into play when choosing a style, some prefer the ‘Bell’ shaped jigger while others prefer a shorter and wider v-shaped double ended jigger. 

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That really is that…except there are a few other measuring tools to consider:

Measuring spoons 

The bar spoon is used by almost all professionals. Some bartenders like to have a whole set of different measurement spoons (which you might think of for baking) that are especially useful for smaller measurements.

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Measuring Jugs

If you make cocktails for long enough you’ll want to get into batching cocktails too. Not only to make life easier when you have a group to entertain, but also because there are some drinks you can only make by batching.


Whatever equipment you are using, make sure you keep the measuring device level! Measuring equipment is only as accurate as the person using it.

If measuring to the top, it means to the TOP. With a jigger, that means the liquid will actually form a dome above the top of the jigger thanks to the meniscus on the top of a liquid. 

Having been trained and worked for many years in Ounces, the controversial truth to make life easier is to work in Milliliters. Of course, this isn’t controversial for many countries around the world, but if you do still use ounces, we think it’s worth looking into devices that measure milliliters. It’s just easier…especially when you want to be really accurate! You’ll find more and more professionals moving over to milliliters even in countries that have always used ounces.

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