Eg, Caipirinhas, oleo sacchurum

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What you already have – Muddler

Unless you own a specific ‘muddler’, the only real option is a rolling pin

Most sizes and types will do the job, so just use whatever you have kicking around the house. Keep in mind the vessel you will be muddling in, and be sure that the muddler will fit inside it with plenty of room to move.

Pro Equipment Guide – Muddlers

You can make many cocktails without a muddler and you might not even even use it from one day to the next. However, it still makes our list of essential pieces of equipment. 

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Without a muddler you can’t make the delicious classic Caipirinha, you can’t smash up fresh fruit to make an off-the-cuff variation on a classic Collins or Buck, and you won’t be able to pound citrus peel and sea salt together to make our Skinny Margarita!

Rolling Pin / Muddler

Sometimes you just can’t tell the difference…and that’s because occasionally they are the same. 

Some of the favourite muddlers we’ve used behind professional bars are in actual fact rolling pins! 


If you’re looking for a muddler, then specialist stockists are where you’ll find them. Although, as mentioned with other tools, once you’ve muddled a few hundred cocktails you’ll start to decide what you prefer.

Just like all the other pieces of kit we’ve talked about here, you’ll decide what works best for you, and that will probably also change over time.


When using a shorter muddler, hold the muddler like a wand (just imagine you’re Gandalf or whoever your favourite wizard is) with the base of the muddler pressed into the palm of the hand. With your elbow pointing up to the sky, lean onto the muddler, press and twist down into the ingredients you’re muddling.

If you’re using a longer muddler or rolling pin, hold it in your fist, like an ice-pick. Then you can bring your shoulder over the top of the muddler and lean on it, using your body weight, to press down the muddler into the ingredients. This is a very effective technique that requires no brute force and just uses your weight. As above, make sure to twist the muddler as you press down too. This really helps to break down or release the juice and / or oils you are looking to extract.

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