Up or On-The-Rocks?

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On the rocks cocktails

How to master ICE

Ice is vital to making great drinks. It opens up flavours with the power of dilution and makes them crisp and refreshing by making them deliciously cold. Here is a simple little rule to help when handling ice:

More ice = Colder Liquids

Colder Liquids = Slower Melting of Ice

If you hear anyone say, “just a few cubes of ice in my drink please, I don’t want it getting too watery” you now know how to explain the science to them.

When it comes to ice, how you make it, use it, buy it or handle it, will have a profound effect on your drink’s quality.

We’re here to guide you through the fundamentals of ice along with the key varieties, how to produce them and how to use them. All so that you can make better drinks.

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