What is a Part?

Mixing Good Drinks – It’s all in the RATIO!

Every recipe on our platform is described in ‘Parts’. A universal language that can be used to break down and describe any drink. From the most complex of cocktails, to the humble G&T.

Why parts? How do you read them? Why are they useful? We’re sure you have some questions you want answered, so here we go:  

  • As you will be aware, a recipe is simply a recorded list of ingredients, broken down into liquid or weight measurements. This is so that a drink or dish can be accurately recreated over and over again. Describing a recipe’s constitutional ingredients in ‘Parts’ is a universal language that needs no conversion, no matter where you are from, what measurement system you use, or how many portions you want to make. It’s also a really simple way to memorise your favourite recipes!
  • A ‘Part’ is NOT equivalent to a shot or any specific measurement, it can be ANY size of measurement that is appropriate to the size, or number of drinks, you want to prepare. ‘Parts’ are also ideal for preparing drinks for a large number of people, as a ‘part’ can be easily scaled up to whatever volume is required.
  • The key to a well balanced recipe is the RATIO of all its different ingredients. Think of the sour formula of 2 : 1 : 1/2. As long as you use the same measuring device it doesn’t matter if the ingredients are measured out as: 
Perfect ‘Sour’ ratio
  • 2 jugs : 1jug ; 1/2 jug of ingredients – to batch for a party
  • 2 bottle caps : 1 bottle cap : 1/2 bottle cap – for a single serve
  • You can also approach this from the other end. If you know the amount of drink you want to make, you can calculate the size of an individual ‘part’ which will allow you to prepare the exact amount of cocktail you want.

For demonstration sake, let’s image you have saved 4 x 1L empty spirit bottles to batch your cocktails into for a party. (Spirits are sold in 1L bottles all around the world, so this example should work for you, no matter where you are).

Therefore you need to make 4 litres (~134 Oz) of cocktail. 

Now lets say you have decided to serve a Gin Buck, which breaks down like this:

Gin 1 part 

Lemon Juice 1/3 part

Ginger Ale 3 parts            

Total parts = 4 1/3 

Therefore: 4 Litres ÷ 4 1/3 parts = 924 millilitres = 1 PART


134 Oz ÷ 4 1/3 parts = 31 Oz = 1 PART

So, into a large container you need to add the following amounts of each ingredient, before then decanting it all into your 4 bottles, and putting them into the fridge ready to serve your guests when they arrive. 

Gin 1 part / 924 ML / 31 Oz 

Lemon Juice 1/3 part / 306 ML / 10 Oz                    

Ginger Ale 3 parts / 2770 ML / 93 Oz

Total Cocktail = 4 1/3 parts / 4000 ML / 134 Oz

Now you understand this, you can apply this knowledge to a single serve, a punch bowl or 100s of serves for a party!

(NB: Yes, you can batch a cocktail with a sparkling ingredient in it as long as it is going into an airtight container that is full! You will loose fizz if you open and close the bottle multiple times. So it’s best to make just enough batch for one sitting, rather than having leftovers in the fridge going flat).

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