Here you will find all the skills you need to make cocktails at their best…every time!

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Why good techniques are important

The best ingredients in the world won’t make up for poor technique and / or a lack of knowledge, in fact, they’ll just be wasted. No one wants to waste good ingredients now do they?! A badly made recipe can put you off a drink for life if it’s the first time you’ve tried it, and that’s just sad.

A recipe is virtually useless if you’ve never been shown the technique required by the recipe for HOW to correctly process its ingredients. Furthermore, to truly master a technique and be successful with it consistently, you also need to know WHY that technique works the way it does.

This is a platform to help you make better drinks with as little effort as possible while having some fun along the way. If you can’t have fun mixing liquids into delicious combinations, then you’re doing it wrong! However…


We can only ‘Spice Up’ technical information so much. We will make it as entertaining as possible, but you will have to stick with us through some technical parts to reap the rewards. Anyway, you get to learn things and knowledge is cool!

The Techniques You Need

Understanding WHY you are implementing a technique and HOW it works will ensure you actually do it right. You will understand what you are trying to achieve rather than simply following instructions and hoping for the best.

How much juice can you squeeze from a lemon?!

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