Cocktail Techniques

Here you will find all the skills you need to make cocktails at their best…every time!

Why good techniques are important 

The best ingredients in the world won’t make up for poor technique and / or a lack of knowledge, in fact, they’ll just be wasted. No one wants to waste good ingredients now do they?! A badly made recipe can put you off a drink for life if it’s the first time you’ve tried it, and that’s just sad.
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Shaker, stirring vessel, measuring device, strainer, knife. Read our Guide for a more comprehensive list and understanding

A basic cocktail kit should contain a shaker, stirring vessel, measuring device (jigger), strainer and a knife

Beyond the basic cocktail kit we have mentioned including shaker’s, stirring vessel’s, measuring device (jigger), strainers and a knifes. You would likely need a waiters friend (corkscrew), a juicer, fridge and freezer, ice scoop, linen cleaning clothes, equipment to thoroughly clean. There are many more items, but you should be able to create a large number of drinks with these mixed drinks tools.

How much juice can you squeeze from a lemon?!

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