Building Cocktails

Why build a cocktail?

Building is the simplest technique to make a drink.

Whisk(e)y highball

Ingredients don’t need any processing, at most, a little tickle with a stirrer or spoon.

Always served over ice, so no need to chill ingredients.

The recipe will include dilution (weak element), so no need for ice-melt; ice is solely used to make and keep the drink cold in the glass – so as always.  USE LOTS OF IT!

Pick a serving glass from the family of glassware called for in the recipe.

Add all ingredients to your glass BEFORE any ice – probably not what you expect, and we guess it’s not what you have seen in most bars either. However, hear us out, because it IS better to wait until the end to add the ice…why?

  • It will reduce how much ice needlessly melts into your drink.
  • It allows ingredients to mix together more easily, rather than trying to combine them with a spoon or stirrer once the ice is added.
  • It will reduce the number of times you have to touch the drink, which will help you make drinks faster.
  • Less churning and prodding to mix the ingredients together will keep more bubbles in your drinks when adding carbonated ingredients.

Add as much ice as you can fit into the glass.

Garnish as required.

Finally, you may need to add a little more mixer or ice to finish the drink and make sure the glass is filled to the brim…but other than that, you’re done.

NB – This really is the simplest of all processes, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a complete disaster, in fact its simplicity can be exactly WHY it gets messed up. It often doesn’t demand the same level of attention as for example ‘Shaking’, and can therefore result in some terrible drinks…ugly ones too! 

So, just remember to take proper care, follow our simple steps, and you’ll be just fine.

Whisky highball and crate

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