10 Easy cocktail recipes

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10 Easy Cocktail Recipes

Check out 10 easy cocktail recipes to make at home from a tasty collins, the Mexican favourite a Paloma and the Italian classic a Negroni.

01. Collins

What can we say about this essential classic recipe? Boozy lemonade basically! Originally made with Gin (Tom Collins) the formula works with any spirit you enjoy, it’s easy to twist and change into all sorts of variations through the addition of herbs, fruits, bitters and flavoured syrups.


02. Batanga

Imagine if a Paloma and a Cuba Libre had a lovechild, it would be the Batanga drink. Like these other 2 aforementioned highballs, this is one of those brilliantly simple long drinks that is high in deliciousness and low in effort!


03. Daiquiri

This a recipe that we use to explain the concept of balance and the importance of ratios to bartenders on day one of professional training. It’s an absolute classic and, if made well, it’s absolutely delicious!


04. Buck

Simple and delicious, tall and refreshing – a great alternative to the G&T and just as easy to make.

This is one of those “Swiss army knife” recipes that can work with almost any spirit, or you can get creative with other citrus juices, bitters and fruits.


05. Rickey

Typically made with Gin, and originally made with Bourbon, the Rickey, like the Collins, can be made with almost any base spirit you like. 


06. Mojito

A Cuban icon and quite simply a ‘must-know’ classic. If you like mint, this is one of the greatest, long, refreshing cocktails you can make.


07. Negroni

Love it or hate it, it’s great that over the years this classic little drink has become so well known around the world, it even has an entire week dedicated to it!


08. Whisk(e)y Highball

One of the best ways to enjoy your favourite Whisk(e)y (and all sorts of other spirits too…especially brown spirits), as the dilution releases all the flavours carried in the alcohol, whilst creating a long and refreshing experience that really couldn’t be easier to make.

Whisky highball

09. Espresso Martini

This modern classic was created by one of our all-time bar heroes, Dick Bradsell. If you’ve heard of the Bramble cocktail, that is another one of his many creations. Anyway, the story goes that in the early 1980’s Dick was asked by a guest for a drink to “wake them up and f*ck them up”. He duly obliged, and a legend was born.

Espresso Martini

10. Paloma

A deliciously refreshing and easy to make cocktail that has become increasingly popular over the last few years, to the point that May 22nd has been marked as World Paloma Day. This recipe works just as well with either your favourite Tequila or Mezcal, if you prefer its smoky notes.

Paloma in can

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