Highball Guide

Highball / Slim Jim / Collins / Sling

Highball glass designs

Highballs are all tall glasses for long drinks. Legend has it the name comes from the US rail roads, where a ball would be run up a tall pole to signal an approaching train full steam ahead, hence a “high ball”.

A ‘Slim Jim’ tends to be, well guess what, tall and slim! (but are they all named Jim?!). A Collins glass is like a stretched Rocks Glass, and tends to be thick and angular. The ‘Sling’ is a unique style of Highball that is always fluted, with a foot and stem. Regardless, they are all ‘Highballs’.

As long as it holds liquid and is taller than it is wide, all sorts of vessels can be utilised for your Highball needs; from a Collins in a marmalade jar to Palomas in tin cans.

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