18 Delicious Winter Cocktails

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Winter Cocktails

Welcome to our recommended list of the best winter cocktails for winter 2022/23. In the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting shorter and temperatures are beginning to drop. It’s time to start mixing drinks that’ll warm your soul, and some that’ll even warm your hands.

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, don’t panic, many of these recipes can be served both hot and cold. They all taste good whatever the weather, and sometimes you just need a hug in a glass no matter what time of year it is.

Happy mixing!

01. Irish Coffee

It’s an icon of drinking culture. A simple recipe, but one that’s tricky to perfect. Worry no more, we’ll show you exactly how to make the best, most perfect looking Irish Coffee you can make.

Irish Coffee

02. Hot Toddy

When it’s cold outside or you just need to warm and soothing hug, this is the cocktail you need. Sadly, they are so often made badly, but not to worry, this simple but flavoursome version will ensure you always make the best possible Hot Toddy to lift the spirits

Hot Toddy

03. Mulled Cider

Rich and fruity apple juice, mixed with honey, citrus and spices. Served with your choice of spirit, this is a modern take on a great old drink. You may’ve thought that mulling was only something you did with wine, well now you know different. Can be served cold too for those in warmer climes.

Mulled Cider

04. Spiced Honey Wine

A take on mulled wine that not only works for the traditional lover of mulled wine, it also allows for customization to suit a broad spectrum of tastes. This recipe can also be enjoyed over ice like a Sangria if you’re in a hotter part of the world.

Spiced Honey Wine

05. Bottled Old Fashioned

Although the Old Fashioned is an all year-round kinda cocktail, with its rich body it works well as a winter warmer. What’s better than one winter warmer is a bottle of it to share with friends. Perfect for nights of entertaining, with minimal effort.

Old fashioned still
Old Fashioned

06. Bottled Manhattan

It’s iconic, and like the Old Fashioned and it can indeed be drunk all year around, but for many, dark spirits are for winter sipping. This is our take on the classic Manhattan, with a little dry cherry embellishment, plus the ease of a bottled recipe that’s ready to serve at a moment’s notice. Perfect for unplanned gatherings.


07. Marmalade Bliss

Cream liqueurs aren’t only for the holidays, and yet quite often it’s the one time of year they appear. Well, we’re here to show you that you can do more than simply serve them over ice or add to coffee!

Marmalade Bliss

08. Boulevardier

Although not much younger than the Negroni, it’s not as well-known and therefore often referred to as a ‘Whisky Negroni’. Using whisky rather than gin, its deeper flavour profile is a perfect winter option for the Negroni lover.


09. Black Manhattan

Take the Manhattan recipe and replace the sweet vermouthBo with amaro. This delivers a deeper, darker, more bitter, and spicy style of Manhattan. Perfect for the longer darker nights of the winter months.

Black Manhattan

10. Cherry Sherry Flip

Dry and nutty Amontillado sherry, mixed with rich cherry liqueur, a whole fresh egg and dash of sugar and bitters. It’s a great alternative to eggnog that’s not only rich and unctuous, but you can whip one up in a second without a lot of faff.

Cherry Sherry Flip

11. Espresso Martini

These days there’s no season that’s not Espresso Martini season, but its dark rich body suits the winter months particularly well. It’s also the holiday season, a season for festivities and celebration, and the Espresso Martini makes any night feel like a celebration.

Espresso Martini

12. Sidecar

Although very similar to the White Lady, this crisp and refreshing ‘Sour based’ cocktail is, at the same time, rich and full bodied. This is thanks to its use of Cognac instead of gin, which gives the drink layers and a real depth of flavour that’s perfect to refresh and embrace the dark winter months.


13. Old Pal

The Old Pal fits somewhat into the Negroni category (if there was such a thing), but it’s also loved by those who hate the Negroni too. It’s drier and more spicy, whilst still delivering a rich body and depth of flavour that means it makes this season’s list for your winter imbibing.

Old Pal

14. White Russian

Yes my dude, this simple, creamy and delicious concoction is perfect for the winter months. Minimal effort with maximum taste and body. It’s the team of year to treat yourself, so do just that!

White Russian

15. French 75

Sure, this drink suits the sweltering heat of summer, but you need bubbles to get through the winter months and few drinks subtly scream sophistication and celebration that a well made French 75. Bright and light, it’s a perfect way to cut through all the other rich and heavy food and drink of the winter months.

French 75

16. Amaretto Sour

The rich almond flavours of amaretto are perfectly balanced with bright fresh lemon and given unctuous meringue like texture with egg white (or aquafaba for those who don’t eat eggs). Satisfyingly indulgent to celebrate the winter months, without being sickly sweet.

Amaretto Sour

17. Hanky Panky

Some believe gin has a season. We say ‘pah’ to that. Gin is so versatile there are gin recipes to suit any season, like this tasty classic from the Savoy Cocktail Book. A rich, lightly bitter, stiff little gin drink is perfect to warm the palate and the soul on a winters day.

18. Sex on a Private Beach

So, we took the concept of the disco cocktail Sex on the Beach and gave it a Candra makeover that’s not only delicious, put makes the most of some typical festive ingredients such as cranberry sauce and oranges.

Sex on a (Private) Beach

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