Ingredients to Make a Dry Martini

The classic Dry Martini is simply a combination of gin and dry vermouth. That’s all there is to it, except for the water added by stirring with ice and a choice of garnish. With so few ingredients, the quality of each one is of the utmost importance.

Make sure your vermouth is fresh and well looked after (as you would for a bottle of white wine). As for the gin, the one you pick will have a huge impact on the final outcome of your Dry Martini. As you taste and get to know different gins, and how they combine with different vermouths, you’ll start to not only decide what your favourite combinations are, but even versions that will suit different occasions and even your different moods. 

All of the ingredients we recommend here are perfect for making a classic style Dry Martini and are of high quality. Now it’s down to you to simply decide what your favourites are.

Happy mixing & happy experimenting!


Neutral alcohol distilled with juniper and other ‘botanicals’ such as citrus peels, roots and spices. Every gin has its own unique recipe of botanicals and method for attaching their flavours to the alcohol base creating an infinite number of possibilities.

Dry Vermouth

A dry ‘fortified wine’ with a clear to ‘straw’ coloured liquid, depending on the brand. Of the varieties, the Dry and Extra Dry varieties have the least amount of sugar and finish dry on the palate. A ‘fortified wine’ is one that has distilled alcohol added to help preserve it, and Vermouths also have herbs and botanicals steeped into them. The name Vermouth comes from the German word ‘vermut’ meaning wormwood, an essential ingredient in a vermouth’s recipe of herbs and botanicals (except in the US). 

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