Ingredients to Make a French Spritz

A Candra original recipe that combines deliciously light and elegant ingredients that need to be of the highest quality for this drink to show at its best. 

Although you may need to do a little bit of shopping to make this recipe, the good news is that all these ingredients are one’s you’ll use in many different cocktails and are good additions to your collection. Also, none are crazy expensive and all are easily available wherever you are. 

All of the ingredients we recommend here are perfect for making a classic style Americano and are of high quality. 

Happy mixing & happy experimenting!

Bianco / Blanc Fortified Wine

Biancos, Blancos, Blancs. These are vermouths that sit in between the sweet and dry varieties. They’re clear or lightly straw coloured, and the most common variety would be types of vermouth. Vermouth (except in the US) is defined by the use of wormwood in the recipe of botanicals used to flavour the combination of wine and spirit. Indeed, this botanical ingredient is used to name the category, as Vermouth is simply an evolution of the German word for wormwood, Vermut.

Lillet Blanc would be the most famous option to use in this recipe that’s not a vermouth. Lillet is also an off-dry fortified wine that’s flavoured with botanicals as vermouth is. Amongst its flavouring recipe of citrus peels and botanicals is quinine, not wormwood. This antimalarial botanical is best known for its use in Tonic Water. It also gave its name to Lillet Blanc’s original name of Kina Lillet, as quinine is also known as kina. Furthermore, those of you that have ever read the original recipe for a Vesper Martini will also recognise this name nestled amongst the gin and vodka. 

Elderflower Liqueur

The OG is St. Germain and it’s still a great choice, but there are a few good ones to choose from. Not only should you decide which of these delivers the best elderflower character to your drinks. You must also consider, as with all liqueurs, cordials or syrups, the sugar content of the different options here. Liqueurs are used to add flavours, but to also balance cocktails as a sweetening agent. 

Therefore switching from one to another should be done cautiously, and without assuming that the balance of the drink will remain unchanged. Often a recipe will remain unchanged when switching brands, but make sure to taste and don’t take anything for granted.  

  • St Germain
  • Chase Elderflower
  • Giffard Wild Elderflower Liqueur 

Sparkling Wine

There are times when, officially, you should use a specific style of sparkling wine. Champagne in a Champagne Cocktail, Prosecco in an Aperol Spritz or two well known examples. However, and you may not be aware of this, but there’s no such thing as the Prosecco Police, when it comes to what you use in your cocktails anyway! 

Of course you can argue the case for one style of sparkling wine over another, and I’m sure there are those who might gasp at the thought of Cava in a Champagne Cocktail. However, you’re taking a delicate sparkling wine and adding ingredients to it, which is going to of course overpower some of  the more delicate nuances between different styles of sparkling wine. So use whatever you enjoy drinking. 

This is NOT an excuse to use something cheap and awful. Remember, good quality in equals good quality out. It just means that you should pick something you like to drink, and something that’s the best value where you live. Whether that’s Cava, English Sparkling Wine, Champagne, Prosecco or California Sparkling Wine. Enjoy sampling! 

  • Mumm Champagne
  • Codorniu Cava
  • Lamarca Prosecco
  • Mumm Napa California Sparkling Wine

Sparkling Water

Historically, recipes called for different styles of sparkling waters such as club soda or seltzer. Different styles have different levels of minerality and carbonation. Sparkling water like Perrier is fairly low in minerality, meaning it’s not going to add a lot of flavours to your recipes, and it’s also high in carbonation, which is excellent for cocktails. Topo-Chico also has good carbonation but on the other hand has more salinity, so might not suit your taste in every cocktail, but is an excellent option in long citrusy drinks. Of course, if you want complete control, just get a Soda Stream and control it all yourself!

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