Ingredients to Make a Pink Gin & Soda

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The Pink Gin & Soda is simply a modern take on the classic Pink Gin Cocktail. Gin, a dash of Angostura Bitters and water. In this version, sparkling water replaces the still water or melted ice water from stirring the ingredients with ice like a Dry Martini, to create a tall highball version. It’s light, refreshing and works well to both settle the stomach or sharpen the appetite. To try this drink is to become a believer, you may never have another G&T again! 

This is a recipe that’s a combination of a small number of ingredients, so it’s vital that you pick high quality ingredients, and ones you particularly enjoy. Well carbonated water, plenty of ice, Aromatic Bitters and of course a gin that you love! Traditionally made with a classic style gin (Plymouth Gin to be precise), however this recipe is a perfect vehicle for you to enjoy your favourite gin, whatever that might be.. 

All of the ingredients we recommend here are perfect for making a classic style Americano and are of high quality. 

Happy mixing & happy experimenting!


Neutral alcohol distilled with juniper and other ‘botanicals’ such as citrus peels, roots and spices. Every gin has its own unique recipe of botanicals and method for attaching their flavours to the alcohol base creating an infinite number of possibilities.

Aromatic Bitters

Aromatic Bitters are the classic choice for a Manhattan. They are highly complex, incorporating spices and bittering agents such as clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, gentian and quinine, along with many others. This creates a ‘symphony’ of flavours, unlike for example, an orange, lemon or chocolate bitters, which although incorporate other ingredients, are focused around one key flavour, or ‘soloist’. 

Aromatic Bitters add complexity, bitterness to a drink and help to bind the flavours of a cocktail together. Creating a truly unified flavour profile on the palate. You only need a dash or two, but their influence is mighty!

The OG of Aromatic Bitters are Angostura Bitters. There are others to choose from today, but there’s still nothing wrong with good ol Ango. If you do want to try an alternative, we’d recommend Bitter Truth’s aromatic offering.

You can also add a further twist on your Manhattan by using citrus or chocolate flabvoured bitters if you want to experiment. 

Sparkling Water

Historically, recipes called for different styles of sparkling waters such as club soda or seltzer. Different styles have different levels of minerality and carbonation. Sparkling water like Perrier is fairly low in minerality, meaning it’s not going to add a lot of flavours to your recipes, and it’s also high in carbonation, which is excellent for cocktails. Topo-Chico also has good carbonation but on the other hand has more salinity, so might not suit your taste in every cocktail, but is an excellent option in long citrusy drinks. Of course, if you want complete control, just get a Soda Stream and control it all yourself!

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