Margarita Day 2024

Margarita Day is on February 22nd and its a great excuse to not only celebrate one of the great classic cocktails of the world. It’s also a perfect opportunity to perfect your Margarita game, try some new versions, maybe even try some new agave spirits and find a new favorite. 

Year after year the Margarita either tops or nearly tops lists for the world’s most popular cocktail. It’s simple, refreshing and uses ingredients that are not only easy to use but also easy to get your hands on. 

Furthermore, thanks to its simple formula, the Margarita is a perfect drink for adapting into a huge variety of different styles. Today the Margarita is less a drink and more a family of drinks with huge variety between the different styles. 

What never changes is the use of an agave spirit for the drink’s base. The original is of course Tequila, but with the rise of Mezcal and now other less well known agave spirit varieties like Bacanora, there are even more options to choose from. 

We have recipe options here for all three, but before we get shaking, what are the key differences between Tequila, Mezcal and Bacanora?

Tequila v Mezcal v Bacanora

The first step to give you some better understanding of agave spirits as a whole, is to actually understand what the word mezcal means. The word mezcal comes from Nahuatl mexcalli [ meʃˈkalːi ], and means ‘cooked agave’. For this reason, all spirits made from cooked agave are technically mezcals, but there are regional varieties that have certain geographical and production restrictions that allow them to be called by different names. 

This idea is not unique to agave spirits. For example, brandy is made all around the world, but for a brandy to be a Cognac it has to fulfill certain requirements, a key one being that it must be produced in the French region of Cognac.

At the most basic level, the major differences between Tequila, Mezcal and Bacanora are the region, the Agave plant used and the way the Agave is cooked and distilled. We’ve gone into more depth if you’d like to get into the nuances with us. 

Classic Margarita - HTMBC

The classic combination of agave spirit, dry orange liqueur and fresh lime juice. Perfectly balanced, this drink not only creates a delightfully refreshing cocktail, but also shows off the flavors of your favorite agave spirit.

Tommy’s Margarita

A simple twist in the classic Margarita formula, the dry orange liqueur typically used to balance the acidity if the fresh lime juice is replaced by agave nectar. Not only delicious, handily you also only need one bottle of booze!

Spicy Margarita - HTMBC

One of the most popular variations of any cocktail in history. There’s many different ways to make a Margarita spicy, but we simply say ‘don’t overthink it’. Let the quality of good ingredients shine through, and as always, apply a deft touch when balancing.

Strawberry Margarita

There’s no reason why bright fruity drinks can’t be as high quality as the more ‘serious’ cocktails out there. Quality ingredients and attention to detail will ensure even ‘fun’ drinks are delicious. 

A top tip here is to work with the seasons. You can apply the same process from this recipe with numerous different fruits and berries, and you’ll always get better results using fruits in season, so get experimenting!

Hibisco Disco Margarita

Infusing the Bacanora with dried hibiscus flowers adds a vibrant red color and dry, almost cranberry like flavor that adds a delicious dry fruit profile to the recipe. Instead of a dry orange liqueur, the floral theme is continued with the use of an elderflower liqueur to balance the acidity of the fresh lime juice. 

The Bacanora brings bright green agave notes, along with a hint of smoke to create a drink that’s both fun and approachable, but with complexity and length… bright pink and super pretty too!

Skinny Margarita

A not so great name for a drink, but we didn’t name it. This is a very low sugar Margarita Mix recipe. Only using the natural sugars in fresh lime and a little orange juice along with the powerful essential oils of fresh citrus. 

As a Margarita Mix recipe, this is one to prepare and bottle ahead of time. Perfect for parties due to its ease of service and it also allows your guests to mix it with their own preferred agave spirit, or even as a non-alcoholic refresher.

Coffee Margarita

Coffee and citrus is a great combination we’ve played with a number of times, in drinks like the Coffee G&T and the Kilinga Espresso Martini

The vanilla, spice and caramel notes of a Reposado expression works perfectly with the deeper notes from the coffee liqueur, while the fresh lime juice and a twist of orange keeps the drink bright and still firmly in the world of the Margarita. 

Smoky Pineapple Margarita

Smoky Mezcal, fresh juicy pineapple, refreshing lime and a hint of spice. This is a deliciously refreshing margarita with a super complex and long lasting flavour profile. 

This recipe works great served with food too. You can even shake in a few leaves of cilantro / coriander leaf to add another savory element to the drink if pairing with food. 

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