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Sundowner triple drinks

That magical time of day when the whole night lies ahead of you, the anticipation of what delicious treats are to be experienced or adventures may come. Nothing kicks off those adventures better than a great Aperitivo, or two!

Here’s a selection of three of our favourites: two classics and one of our own that will get the night started perfectly and suit a wide variety of tastes. 

Show off your skills by mixing the recipes live, or we would recommend batching some, if not all of the recipes to make life even easier. You can then focus on being charming and witty.

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A little more about your drinks


This little bitter Italian drink has gone from strength to strength in recent years, no longer an outlier only enjoyed by cocktail snobs or gin addicts. This recipe follows the classic combination, but if you want to offer alternatives you can switch out the Gin for Bourbon (Boulevardier) or Mezcal (Mezcal Negroni).

Bitter spritz illustration

Royal Bitter Spritz

An original recipe of ours for you to try. With a hint of bitterness, it’s light and dry with deliciously fruity undertones. As the other two recipes are booze forward, this is a long, sparkling and lower alcohol option to round off your menu choices.

Dry martini illustration

Dry Martini

The ultimate Aperitivo cocktail? Quite possibly! Light and dry, it’s perfect for whetting the appetite. There are many ways to make a Dry Martini, whichever you choose, will be well received, especially if you’re serving some nibbles alongside your drinks.

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