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Brunch triple drinks

It’s all about fresh ingredients, juices and most definitely bubbles! These three drinks deliver on all those points and offer broad appeal, no matter what time you get around to Brunching!

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A little more about your drinks

Marmalade Collins illustration

Marmalade Collins

Another great choice for a short menu because it can be made with a variety of base spirits. It’s also long and refreshing with Marmalade in it…how much more Brunchy can you get?!

French spritz illustration

French Spritz

As mentioned, you HAVE to have the option of bubbles on a list of Brunch drinks, it might even be a law?! This light and refreshing Spritz recipe delivers on both character and the use of bubbles.

Smashapple illustration


A deliciously flavoursome juice recipe for those not drinking alcohol. This recipe also doubles up as a fresh, herbaceous and citrussy mixer for clear spirits E.g. Vodka or Gin. Flexibility is key when it comes to building a successful and small menu! 

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