Holiday menu

Whichever of the winter holidays you like to celebrate, we have a great selection of delicious, warming and celebratory cocktails where everyone will find something they love.

The weather is getting cooler and thoughts turn to heavier, warmer flavours that feel like a treat. Many of the ingredients used here not only suit the season, they’re also ones you might only have in the house over the holiday season. 

So if you didn’t know how to mix them before, you do now!

The Holiday menu to send, print and use for your event.

A little more about your drinks

The Madeline

An elegant cocktail that’s a perfect balance of light, nutty, and floral as well as rich, dry and earthy. It looks like a ‘serious’ cocktail, but this recipe is highly approachable and can get anyone excited about Cognac and Sherry, two perfect holiday ingredients!

Marmalade Bliss

Cream Liqueur and Orange Marmalade shaken together with a measure of your favourite spirit. This creates a perfect blend of sweet citrus, warming alcohol and smooth rich cream. Is it indulgent? Oh yes! However it’s light and easy enough that you’ll keep coming back for more.

Spiced Honey Wine

One of the essential aromas of the holiday season is Mulled Wine. This version is perfect for celebrating with friends as you prepare it ahead of time, giving you more time to enjoy the festivities. The recipe omits the usual mulling spices of cinnamon, anise and clove, that don’t appeal to everyone. They are replaced with honey, apple, vanilla and ginger.

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