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Here’s a list of three great classic cocktails that have something for everyone. Not only do they deliver big on flavour, they are also low on complexity and high on flexibility. Using just two or three off-the-shelf ingredients, these drinks require zero fancy bar tools and are fast to make. We‘ve got you!

Laid back menu triple drinks

With all the time and effort saved on the recipes, ensure you get a hold of plenty of ice and garnishes to make sure your drinks look elegant, not just simple! 

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A little more about your drinks.


Perfect for a three drink menu because it can be made with any base spirit. Lower strength and no added sugars, it’s the perfect cocktail to satisfy a wide audience.

Whisky highball illustration

Whisk(e)y Highball

For the Whisk(e)y lovers at the party. It allows all the flavours of the Whisk(e)y to come through onto the palate, whilst not blowing the socks off your guests. Truly one of those drinks that’s greater than the sum of its parts (assuming you use a tasty Whisk(e)y)!

Paloma cocktail


With two recipes that have no added sugars, there’s room for a tangy, sweet’n sour Tequila cocktail (or Mezcal if you prefer its smoky character), to give the menu truly broad appeal. 

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