Mothers Day menu

This is a menu we think any mother will approve of. There’s something here for everyone, perfect for keeping all the family happy, it also suits any time of day or night. Importantly, the drinks here are nice and easy to make, while feeling fancy enough to make mum feel very special.

Mothers Day menu to send, print and use for your event.

A little more about your drinks.

Coffee G&T

This drink works just as well at brunch as it does at night. A simple twist on the familiar G&T that adds depth of flavour and intrigue. You may not have tried ‘Coffee and Tonic’ before, but you’ll never look back once you’ve tried it. Replace gin with Vodka if you prefer.


An enigma of a recipe that is both rich and creamy and light and citrusy. Those who don’t partake of or are too young for alcohol, this delicious and pretty drink will ensure they don’t feel left out at all. Recommend mixing up and bottling ahead of schedule to make life easy! Make with dairy or non-dairy Natural/Greek yoghurt as preferred.


Essentially, this is boozy, sparkling lemonade. Long, citrusy and refreshing. Importantly, this recipe can be mixed with literally any spirit, giving you much needed flexibility to be able to please everyone.

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