One bottle of Brandy

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The lighter side of Brandy

Brandy is often thought of as old and stuffy with big, heavy flavours, accompanied by cigars, pomp, ceremony and old men! 

Well sure…. Brandy can be that, but it’s also so much more! These three cocktails merely scratch the surface of just how versatile and deliciously mixable Brandy can be. 

So grab a bottle and start changing opinions!

Marmalade Collins

Orange marmalade and fresh lemon juice pair perfectly with the richer notes of Brandy, creating a long crisp drink that has hidden depths!

Brandy Highball

Simply replacing the Whisk(e)y in a highball is a deliciously refreshing way to drink your favourite Brandy while highlighting all its flavours. 

Brandy Collins

Fresh acidity and bubbles meet deep luxurious flavours of Brandy to create an elegantly simply, yet complex and ultimately refreshing cocktail.

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