One bottle of Rum

Rum only recipes you HAVE to try.

Celebrate the diversity of rum in cocktails

Rum is both a hugely flexible, and diverse category. Using different rums will have a huge impact on the cocktails you make.

These three recipes can all work with a variety of different rums. Of course, the Mojito needs a light, Cuban style rum to make it classically. However, the combination of ingredients in a Mojito can still work well with richer, heavier style rums, even if the final drink itself will be quite different.

So, if you have just one bottle of rum, no matter what it is, these three recipes will deliver three delicious, very different experiences.



Without doubt, one of the most drinkable and refreshing cocktails ever created…unless you hate mint of course.

Hard Shake

A delicious variation on the classic Pina Colada that’s so easy to make, it’s almost rude that it tastes this good.

Pirate iced tea

Pirate Iced Tea

Smoky tea, honey, rum and lemon. This is not your normal Iced Tea, and if you don’t like it, you’ll have to walk the plank!

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