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Vodka, the ultimate Chameleon

If you’re not sipping chilled neat Vodka with food, as it’s traditionally served, it’s other great trick is that it can mix into almost any cocktail. 

Its light and dry character makes it incredibly mixable, allowing it to take any number of cocktail formats and tweak them into Vodka sensations.

So, here are three very different recipes to perfectly display Vodka’s range. The Espresso Martini is a bittersweet Vodka icon. The Pink Gin Vodka and Soda becomes a light and dry Vodka Soda with a dash of bitters to add depth and complexity, while the Smashapple is a deliciously fresh juice drink, just asking for a splash of something to liven it up!

A quick note, if you like Vodka and you’ve never had an ice bucket with a good Vodka in it to sip over dinner… you really must do it! You’ll never look at Vodka in the same way again! 

Espresso Martini

One of the great modern classics. Espresso, Coffee liqueur and Vodka combine into a rich, sweet and bitter drink you cannot but love.

Pink Gin Vodka & Soda

Simply swap out the Gin from this modern take on a very old Gin classic. Delivers a long and refreshing dry cocktail with a lasting complex finish. 

Smashapple with Vodka

Fresh citrus, apple and mint combine in this mouthwatering juice recipe that’s too good not to be used to carry a little booze too! Just add Vodka.

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