One bottle of Whisk(e)y

Whisk(e)y only recipes you HAVE to try

Whisk(e)y three ways

Wherever it comes from, however you spell it, and whatever your preference is, there’s more you can do with Whisk(e)y than respectfully sip it neat or on the rocks.

Whisk(e)y is delicious in cocktails, and these three simple recipes not only demonstrate that, they prove its versatility too. 

From the deep richness of the Old Fashioned, to the light freshness of the Highball and on to the joyfully indulgent Whisk(e)y spiked Banana Oat Shake, grab your bottle and get mixing!

Bottled Old Fashioned

A delightfully simple sipper. With water to unlock flavours, sugar for body and bitters for added depth, make a bottle of this and just relax.


Maybe the simplest of all cocktails. However, with good ingredients and care when making, it can also be one of the most delicious.

Banana Oat (Hard) Shake

So, let’s take our Oat Milk and Banana milkshake recipe and add a healthy measure of Whisk(e)y to it as you blend it! How much you add is up to you!

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