Sports Day Menu

When you want the atmosphere of people around you cheering on your team, BUT you want to have a comfy seat, a view of the screen and not have to listen to strangers’ terrible analysis of the game! The only option is to invite your favourite people around and serve them these delicious yet simple recipes.

Sports Day menu to send, print and use for your event.

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A little more about your drinks

Coffee G&T

No matter what time the match starts, this drink works. A simple twist on the familiar G&T that adds depth of flavour and intrigue. You may not have tried ‘Coffee and Tonic’ before, but you’ll never look back once you’ve tried it, and it’ll keep you alert for the whole game! Replace the Gin with Vodka if you prefer.

PBJ Shake

PBJ is as American as Superbowl, and has become an internationally beloved flavour combination. When you’re gathered to watch sports, you want everyone to feel part of the celebration. So whether you’re drinking alcohol or not, this drink feels like a real treat.

Ranch Water

The perfect recipe for when the game gets going. All the ease and practicality of a bottle of beer, but a lighter, citrussy alternative that will keep you refreshed all through the game. Although originally a tequila recipe, it can be made with any spirit, so it’s easy to please all your guests. This is also a lower strength cocktail, perfect for enjoying a day of sports watching.

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