Discover great recipes for Margarita Day

February 22nd has been coined National Margarita Day!

There are so many stories and myths about how and when the Margarita was created, some as early as 1938. Many believe it to be popularized after first seen in print in the December issue of Esquire Magazine in 1953. 

Margarita cocktail
Candra Skinny Margarita

So, if someone tells you they know the origin story or the Margarita…just smile and nod, because deep inside you know, whatever they’re saying is just a theory. Yes, some theories are more credible than other and one might even be true. 

The Margarita is the most popular cocktail in the US and the internet people go as far as saying Americans consume 185,000 margaritas per hour!!

According to Chili’s (American restaurant chain), they sell some 20 million margaritas per year. Which is over 100,000 gallons, or the equivalent of around 13 swimming pools. We asked Alexa and she said that would mean they sell 54,794.5 a day…That’s a lot of margaritas!

Anyway, enough chat, lets get making drinks! 

Smoky Pineapple Margarita

Smoky Margarita, Pineapple Margarita, Spicy Margarita…there are many recipes in this wheelhouse, but we think that this is the perfect balance of the lot. Citrussy, zingy, spicy and with a hint of deep smoke!

If you don’t like a smoky character in your cocktails, replace the Mezcal for Tequila. Let us know how it turns out! 

Candra Smoky Pineapple Margarita

Frozen Strawberry Margarita

The Frozen Strawberry (or whatever berry you prefer) Margarita is just fun, delicious, and transports your mind to a poolside where time ceases to exist, no matter when and where you are.

Might be a tricky choice if you are surrounded by snow or miserable grey days. Maybe try putting on a big jacket, some flip flops, blend yourself a margarita and pretend it’s summer!

Frozen Strawberry Margarita
Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Candra Skinny Margarita

No Sugar, No problem!

There’s no free lunch, no easy money and no magic way to make a Margarita with the traditional recipe WITHOUT adding sugar!

You can take out the sugar and replace with a sweetener…but to our palates, they all taste a little odd and we’re not a fan of their mouthfeel either.

So we decided to take up the challenge of making a truly great, Skinny Margarita, without using sugar replacements, and good enough that you drink it, not because it’s skinny, but because it’s your favourite Margarita.

It’s batchable and also delicious if you want to drink it as a non-alcoholic option. 

Candra Skinny Margarita

Food Pairing and Fine Straining 

The obvious pairing for this Margarita Day / Taco Tuesday surely are TACOS!

Best with fish or pork tacos – Take the Smoky Pineapple Margarita recipe, switch the base spirit for Tequila and add a couple of sprigs of fresh cilantro / coriander to the shaker (with the rest of ingredients) and shake hard. 

With this recipe we recommend you fine strain, so you don’t end up with awkward bits of cilantro stuck to your teeth! 

We’ve put together some tips of what to use and how to fine strain your cocktails! –> HERE 

Tea straining
Fine Straining

What to make with a bottle of Tequila!

If you are making Margaritas, we are assuming you have a bottle of Tequila or Mezcal at hand. 

The guide can help you calculate how many bottles of Tequila you might need, depending on how many drinks you want to make! 

Check out what recipes you can make with a bottle of Tequila HERE 

What Tequila should I buy?

There are so many brands to choose from these days that it can get a little overwhelming. We’ve selected a few Tequila bottles we like mixing with but are also good enough to sip! 

Check out our Tequila guide to help you choose HERE.

If you are looking for something a little different try Mezcal or even Bacanora!


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