Banana Oat Shake

This one tastes like an artery clogging, guilt inducing treat, but really it’s all good stuff! Of course, it does depend on the oat milk you use, as some are certainly healthier than others. It’s not like binging a whole tub of ice cream on your own…but it certainly gives you that joy.



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  • 75 ml FROZEN BANANA (1 part)
  • 150 ml OAT MILK (2 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Step back a few hours – Peel then freeze some fresh bananas.
  • 2 – Back to the present – Take bananas from the freezer.
  • 3 – To measure the amount of banana, you can either crush them, then measure using a cup, measuring jug or whatever you have to hand.
    You can put your bananas into a jug and weigh them.
  • 4 – Add bananas to your blender.
  • 5 – Measure out twice as much cold oat milk. If you used a measuring cup or jug, use the same one to measure the milk. If you weighed your banana, measure your oat milk by weight too.
  • 6 – Add milk to your blender with banana and blend quickly until completely smooth. OR, you can add both ingredients to a tall glass or cup and use a hand blender to blend ingredients smooth instead, which works great for one or two serves.
  • 7 – Pour mixture into your glass or bottle and you can garnish with a slice of fresh banana (with the skin left on), or do like we do and serve it with an oaty biscuit / or cookie on the side! 

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Banana Oat Shake
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Get nerdy with it

FROZEN BANANA – It’s the freezing of the banana that’s the magic here. It’s a freak of nature that has to be tasted to be appreciated. 

Without over hyping it, peel and freeze some fresh bananas. When frozen hard, have a bite. It’s like the best banana ice cream you’ve ever had…but it’s JUST banana. Pure joy!

OAT MILK – You can pick how health conscious you want to be, but something with a good rich body is best for this recipe. You can of course always sub in a different milk that you prefer. But the cereal note of oat milk does work really well with the banana here. 

Why we chose this recipe for you

This recipe is a ‘no-brainer’ to be included on here for you. How many reasons do you need? It’s so easy to make. Fun. Delicious. Perfect for all ages. Perfect for any time. Tastes like it’s much naughtier than it is too! 

Now stop reading this and just go make it!

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