Bee’s Knees (Fords Gin Batched)

Born of Prohibition, the Bee’s Knees is an enduring classic that made use of easily available ingredients at the time. Honey may have been used to mask the poor quality of “bathtub” Gins of the time. 

Today, it’s a simple yet elegant Gin libation and one of the key cocktails around which Fords Gin was styled. The combination of jasmine and honey is as old as the hills, and the jasmine flower botanicals used in Fords Gin ensure this cocktail sings.

The Bee’s Knees recipe appeared in a 1934 edition of San Francisco bartender and author Bill Boothby’s cocktail compendium ‘World Drinks and How to Mix Them’.

Fords Gin


1 Bottle Serves Minimum 4-5 People. Please drink responsibly.


  • 7 Parts FORDS GIN
  • 3 Parts HONEY SYRUP
  • 3 Parts LEMON JUICE
  • 7 Parts WATER
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How to make it

  • 1 – Take a clean, empty Fords Gin Bottle.
    Fill to halfway between 6oz (not numbered) & 8oz line.
    Fill to the 10oz (not numbered) line.
    Fill to the top of the measuring line, above the 375ml line.
  • 5 – ADD WATER
    Fill to the 20oz line and put the lid on.
  • 6 – Roll bottle end-over-end to mix.
  • 7 – Taste test to check balance.
  • 8 – Add to fridge or ice bucket to chill.
  • 9 – SERVE
    Take your chilled bottle of Bees Knees and shake it hard from end to end for 4-5 seconds, like it’s a cocktail shaker, to aerate the drink.
    Now pour straight into a cocktail glass, garnish with a lemon twist and serve.
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1 Bottle Serves Minimum 4 – 5 People.
Please Drink Responsibly

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Bee’s Knees (Fords Gin Batched)
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