Celery Gibson Martini

The classic Gibson calls for pickled onions to garnish a gin Dry Martini with. These days, more and more bars are doing things a little differently, and this is one of those slightly different Gibsons.

The Celery Gibson is a recipe written a few years back during a long period working with the iconic Plymouth Gin brand. If you’ve never tried a Gibson Martini before, it may sound a little unusual but it is a ‘must-try’ for anyone who enjoys a Dry Martini. Read More





  • 60 ml GIN (3 parts)
  • 20 ml NOILLY PRATT DRY VERMOUTH (1 part)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Add all ingredients to a mixing glass.
  • * In terms of ingredients:
    You can use a different dry vermouth, but Noilly Prat, with time rested in barrel, works really well for this recipe.
    We’d recommend a classic style gin such as Plymouth Gin. Use whatever you like mixing into your Dry Martinis. You could of course go down the vodka route too if you wanted.
    There’s a few companies making celery bitters out there, the Bitter Truth is the one we used to write this recipe with.
  • 2 – Fill mixing glass with ice and stir until ice cold and perfectly diluted.
  • 3 – Strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a stick of home pickled celery (see below how to make).
  • How to make Pickled Celery
  • 1 – Take a head of fresh celery and wash it, trim it and if very stringy, peel it too.
  • 2 – Cut celery sticks widthways into 2-3 inch long pieces.
  • 3 – Trim to make nice and even and straight then cut each celery stick lengthwise into 2 to 4 narrow batons.
  • NB: The size of your batons might depend on the glass you intend to serve your celery Gibson in, so feel free to mix up your shapes if you prefer something else.
  • 5 – Toss the celery batons in a light covering of salt and leave for one hour to extract excess liquid, stopping your pickle mix from becoming diluted.
  • 6 – Thoroughly rinse off the salt with water then dry your celery batons well.
  • Per 250g of celery:
    200 ml 6 ⅔ oz Apple cider vinegar
    70 ml 2 ⅓ oz Filtered Water
    3 Tsp Sugar
    3 Tsp Salt
    1 Tsp Coriander Seeds
    ½ Tsp Black Peppercorns.
  • 6 – Add all to a pan and bring to the boil and allow to cool.
  • 7 – Add celery to a sterile jar, pour pickling mixture over celery batons, seal and refrigerate.
  • 8 – Leave as a minimum overnight, then taste test and begin using when satisfied with flavour and texture.
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Celery Gibson Martini
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