Champagne Cocktail

A simple little drink it seems, yet nothing is ever truly simply when it comes to cocktails, especially the classics. Depending on who you ask there are two basic camps – those who add Cognac to their Champagne Cocktail, and those who do not.

The origins of this drink go back before the mid 1800s, but those first versions were served in tumblers, then goblets over crushed ice. However, the combination of bitters, sugar and Champagne was there from the beginning. Read More




  • 15 ml COGNAC or BRANDY CHILLED (1/2 part)
  • 120 ml CHAMPAGNE or SPARKLING WINE (4 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Take a paper napkin, put it on a clean and dry surface, then place a rough brown sugar cube on it. You can even use the top of the glass to do this if you’re short on space.
  • 2 – Add dashes of Angostura bitters all over the sugar cube. The napkin will do a great job of catching the mess of rogue dashes.
  • 3 – Pick up the edges of the napkin and use it as a hammock to lift and carry the sugar cube to your glass, then tip the napkin up so that the cube falls neatly into the glass.
  • 4 – If making the Cognac version, add it now, but make sure it is icy cold! 
  • 5 – Fill the glass with champagne. Tilt the glass and do this slowly. The sugar cube is literally designed to create bubbles and drama in your glass, so if you add it too fast, it will very quickly come back out again! 
  • 6 – Garnish and Serve.
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Champagne Cocktail
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Brown sugar cube 0 0
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