Dry Martini (Fords Gin Batched)

The biggest misconception about the Dry Martini is that it’s very strong and you have to be ‘brave’ or a hardened drinker to enjoy them. 

Provided you stick to a few simple rules, drinking a Dry Martini is a delightful and easy experience.

Use a high-grade Gin such as Fords Gin. This is non-negotiable for making a great Dry Martini as it’s the star of the drink. The quality of your Dry Vermouth must also be on par with the Gin, and should be as fresh as possible. Remember to look after Vermouth like white wine to avoid ruining your Martinis! Read More

1 Bottle Serves Minimum 4-5 People. Please drink responsibly.

Fords Gin



  • 5 Parts FORDS GIN
  • 4 1/2 Parts STILL WATER
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How to make it

  • 1 – Take a clean, empty Fords Gin Bottle.
    Fill to the top of the bottom measuring line (the tippy top of measuring line, just above the 375ml measuring line).
    Fill to the middle of the bottle's waist.
  • 4 – ADD WATER
    Fill to the 'fill line' on the neck of the bottle and put the lid on.
  • 5 – Roll bottle end-over-end to mix.
  • 6 – Taste test to check balance.
  • 7 – Add to fridge or ice bucket to chill.
  • 8 – SERVE
    Pour your ice-cold Dry Martini straight from the bottle into a cocktail glass.
    Garnish as required with a twist, olive or leave naked (no garnish).
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1 Bottle Serves Minimum 8 People.
Please Drink Responsibly

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Dry Martini (Fords Gin Batched)
What you need
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Still Water 0 0 ml
Lime 0 0

Learn more about Fords Gin here

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