French Spritz

A light and delicious Spritz recipe that’s ideal for a garden party, or when you’re sat inside with the heating on, dreaming of a garden party.

Simple to make, it’s a great recipe to turn into a punch or pitcher to serve for easy sharing.





  • 45 ml BIANCO / BLANC FORTIFIED WINE (1 part)
  • 22.5 ml ELDERFLOWER LIQUEUR (1/2 part)
  • 90 ml SPARKLING WATER (2 parts)
  • 90 ml SPARKLING WINE (2 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Use a peeler and cut fine strips of cucumber down the whole length of it. (If this is the first strip you are cutting, discard it, it’ll be just skin). 
  • 2 – Add all liquid ingredients.
  • 3 – Add cucumber ribbons to glass.
  • 4 – Add ice, and using a stirrer or spoon to evenly distribute the cucumber through the drink.
  • 5 – To be clear, the positioning of the cucumber is mainly for aesthetic purposes…so if you’re more thirsty than artistic, you don’t need to be too precise here. But you DO want the cucumber spread out so that it infuses its flavour into the drink.
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French Spritz
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Elderflower Liqueur 0 0 ml
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Get nerdy with it

Blanc / Bianco Fortified wine To be clear these are not sweet (red) or dry, but somewhere in between.

There are many to choose from such as Bianco / Blanc Vermouths or White Americanos, and Aperitif Wines like Lillet Blanc.

Elderflower Liqueur As you can probably guess the clue is in the title, you need an elderflower flavoured liqueur. The only things to watch out for are that you don’t want an elderflower cordial nor an elderflower wine.

Learn more about our recommended Elderflower Liqueur St-Germain

Sparkling Wine Use whatever you enjoy drinking. No point using something super fancy, but at the same time, if you use something really bad…then you’re going to ruin the other great ingredients in the recipe. There are plenty of very delicious, very drinkable, very affordable sparkling wines out there to choose from. 

Sparkling Water Use whatever you like, but make sure it is highly carbonated and has plenty of bubbles in it.

Why we chose this recipe for you

We wanted to create something exceptionally light and bright for our selection of Spritz recipes. After all, when you think Spritz, you think refreshing.

The cucumber ribbons are as important an ingredient as any other in this recipe. A member of the melon family, the cucumber in the drink is vital for tying all the flavours together and makes the drink feel exceptionally light and fresh. So, get making, and don’t forget the cucumber!

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