Frozen Strawberry Margarita

Cocktails…they’re supposed to put a smile on your face. Some are challenging and only appreciated by a certain few. Others are complicated and take years to master…and that’s just ordering them!

The Frozen Strawberry (or whatever berry you prefer) Margarita is neither of those things…it’s just fun, delicious, and transports your mind to a poolside where time ceases to exist, no matter when and where you are. 



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  • 60 ml FRESH STRAWBERRIES (2 parts)
  • 30 ml TEQUILA (MEZCAL) (1 part)
  • 15 ml TRIPLE SEC (1/2 part)
  • 15 ml FRESH LIME JUICE (1/2 part)
  • 165 gram ICE
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How to make it

  • 1 – Not essential, but for consistency it’s easier to mash up berries first so that you can easily measure how much you are adding.
  • 2 – Add all ingredients to blender cup
  • 3 – Add ice
  • 4 –Turn on blender, low speed to start
  • 5 – Turn up the speed of the blender and blend all ingredients and ice until smooth
  • 6 – Taste to check the balance of the drink and adjust if necessary (does it need a little sugar?)
  • 7 – Pour into glass, garnish and serve

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Frozen Strawberry Margarita
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Get nerdy with it

FRESH BERRIES – You’ll get the best results from fruit that’s in season. So, although the Strawberry Margarita is probably the most popular, you can switch in raspberries or blackberries or go further and use peach or mango instead. The process and the rest of the recipe is all the same. If you can’t get fruit in season, then you are usually better off buying a good quilty frozen purée than fruit that’s out of season, sour and flavourless. 

TEQUILA (MEZCAL) – Just because this is a funtime drink and there are plenty of other delicious flavours in here is not a reason to buy poor quality booze. You get out what you put in…and if you put poor quality spirits into a cocktail, you will notice! 

TRIPLE SEC – It’s still a Margarita, so that means you still need an orange liqueur. The roll is twofold here. A citrus note that complements the lime, and also the source of sweetness to balance the drink. 

FRESH LIME JUICE – Squeeze it fresh, a good guide here is 1/2 a lime per serve. You can buy fresh juice these days more easily if you are making a lot of drinks, but do make sure it’s for drinking, not for cooking. Also check that it’s not pasteurised and it’s not on a shelf at room temperature…because that’s NOT fresh juice! 

SUGAR – Usually the Triple Sec brings enough sweetness to the recipe, however, if the fresh fruit you are using is a little on the sharp side you might need a little sugar or sugar syrup to balance your drink. Add it before you pour the drink into a glass. 

Why we chose this recipe for you

Why? Why do you need to know how to make a Frozen Fruity Margarita? Because even if you hate Tequila, despise Margaritas and loathe puppies, making this drink might just…

A. Change your mind and make you realise just how delicious this drink is, when made well. 

B. Even if you still don’t like them…one day, one hot sunny day, you will become a hero to all your friends as you fire up your blender and serve everyone scrumptious brain-freezingly cold, deliciously fruity margaritas. You know you want to be that person…that person’s a legend! 

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