With a flavour profile and texture that’s somewhere between rich ’n‘ creamy and light ‘n‘ refreshing, this drink isn’t quite a smoothie nor is it quite a Lassi either. Anyway, don’t bother wasting time trying to categorise what it is, just make it and enjoy it.

A simple to make and delicious drink the whole family can get involved with. It doesn’t require any specialist tools and can easily be made vegan / dairy free.



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  • 15 ml PINK GRAPEFRUIT JUICE (1 part)
  • 15 ml POMEGRANATE (1 part)
  • 15 ml SUGAR SYRUP / RICH SIMPLE (1 part)
  • 97.5 ml NATURAL YOGHURT (DAIRY OR NON-DAIRY) (6 1/2 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Measure all ingredients into the glass you are going to serve your drink in. Unless you’re planning to serve in a bottle, in which case add the ingredients to a jug or mixing glass.
  • 2 – Mix ingredients together well, using whatever you have to hand that will fit into your glass. A fork or spoon will do the job. If you happen to have a Swizzle Stick it’ll work even better! 
  • 3 – Now, either fill the glass with ice, or carefully pour the mix into your bottle and chill before serving.
  • 4 – Garnish and serve.

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Get nerdy with it

PINK GRAPEFRUIT – Pink or red, either will do, just make sure it’s fresh. 

POMEGRANATE JUICE – For ease, you can buy pomegranate juice, but it’s also very easy to squeeze fresh. Just cut in half and juice as you would a piece of citrus fruit. 

SUGAR / RICH SIMPLE SYRUP – Ensure to use (white) caster or baker’s sugar if you’re not using syrup. Syrup is simple to make or very easy to buy these days. Check out our guide to sugar, syrups and cordial here.

NATURAL YOGHURT – Pick something that has a good balance of tartness and creaminess. There are also plenty of excellent non-dairy options available to choose from these days. So this is a recipe that virtually everyone can enjoy.

Why we chose this recipe for you

Yoghurt isn’t always the first ingredient you might think of adding to a drink, unless you’re a fan of the classic Indian Lassi. However it makes a great alternative to other dairy products. 

The sourness of the natural yoghurt allows it to play well with citrus flavours. So this drink ends up being somewhat rich and luxurious while also being light and bright. 

The thickness of the yoghurt means that it needs to be processed with the other ingredients to get a uniform texture throughout the drink, but at the same time, it doesn’t need a blender to make it work. Just grab a fork or spoon and go at it! 

Serve it over ice or in a bottle. Great to take with you on the go, or give to the kids in the back of the car. The only way this drink tastes better is if you add an amazing view. To the beach! 

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