Field of Greens

We often feel like you drink a ‘Green Juice’ because it’s a healthy option, and definitely not because it tastes good! 

Well, we wanted to make a refreshing green juice, with no added sugar, that you might make just because it tastes nice.



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  • 45 g FRESH CUCUMBER (1 1/2 parts)
  • 45 g FRESH APPLE (1 1/2 parts)
  • 30 g FRESH AVOCADO (1 part)
  • 15 ml FRESH LIME (1/2 part)
  • 45 ml STILL WATER (1 1/2 parts)
  • FRESH GREEN CHILLI (to taste)
  • 1 Small Pinch SEA SALT
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How to make it

  • 1 – Add all ingredients to blender cup
  • 2 – Blend all ingredients until smooth and ice is melted. The ice is here to keep the ingredients cold as they blend and add water to the drink
  • 3 – Pass and press ingredients through a sieve into a jug, or straight into glass. If you’d want a finer juice, you will want to strain through a cheesecloth or muslin. The choice is yours.
  • 4 – Serve juice long over cubed ice, top with fine slices fresh chilli

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Field of Greens
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Get nerdy with it

CUCUMBER – English or American, whichever you can get your hands on, just make sure it’s fresh of course. No need to peel before using, just make sure it’s been well washed. 

APPLE – Any apple will do of course, but we’d recommend a nice crisp green apple. If you want something a little sweeter, then that will works too, but for textural reasons we’d recommend avoiding the more floury style of apple and stay with the crunchy varieties.

AVOCADO – A ripe and nutty avocado please!. The rich oils from the avocado add a creamy smooth texture to the juice. This wont happen if your avocado is hard and unripe. 

LIME JUICE – Best to squeeze your own. No need to strain as we so often recommend, just squeeze, measure and add to the other ingredients. If you’re buying juice, make sure it is freshly squeezed and be careful to avoid juice for cooking, pasteurised juice or juice from concentrate. It should be in a chilled section and be simply freshly squeezed juice, nothing added and unprocessed. 

FRESH GREEN CHILLI – Any chilli you like will work here, but recommend the mild green variety such as jalapeño.

SEA SALT – Just a small pinch of good sea salt will, as with cooking, help to bring out all the fresh green flavours in the juice. 

STILL WATER – Although there is liquid extracted from the other ingredients, a litttle water is needed to help the ingredients blend together and to lengthen the intense flavour combinations. Giving them all a chance to shine rather than battling each other for attention.  

ICE – Ice is added here for the same reason as the Still Water above, however the fact that it’s ice means that the ingredients are all kept very cold. This means they don’t get heated as they are blitzed by the whirring of high speed blades, and therefore in theory protecting all the goodness they carry. 

Why we chose this recipe for you

If you’re going to make drinks at home, eventually you’re going to think beyond the norm. The Green Juice is a staple in any juice or smoothie bar, and yet, probably not one you think of making at home. 

Firstly, well because a lot of them are just not fun to drink! They’re designed to clean out your insides or boost your immune system, but don’t taste very good while they do it! With our recipe we’ve tried to find a balance. Fresh ingredients, they’re good for you! No added sugar of course. but also a recipe that’s delicious! Unsurprisingly therefore, you won’t find any kale in this recipe!

Only problem is, it tastes so good, you might be tempted to ‘retox while you detox’ by adding a splash of Vodka to the glass with your Green Juice or, what we would recommend, Tequila.

So, it’s tasty, it looks great and it’s got to be pretty good for you?! What more do you need from a recipe!

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