Jasmine Garden

A deliciously floral, green and grassy homemade cocktail mixer that’s delightfully refreshing and incredibly versatile.

Prepare the batch ahead of time, then store it in your fridge. It’ll last for several days in a sealed bottle in your fridge, so there should be no danger of wastage either. Read More



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  • 320 ml COLD BREW JASMINE GREEN TEA (4 Parts)
  • 120 ml PRESSED APPLE JUICE (1 1/2 parts)
  • 40 ml LEMON JUICE (1/2 part)
  • 20 ml SUGAR / SUGAR SYRUP (1/4 part)
  • 1 pinch SEA SALT
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How to make it

  • 1 – Make a brew of Jasmine Green Tea (we recommend the ‘cold brew’ method if you have time). Please visit our guide to making tea, green tea is very easy to make undrinkable bitter through over brewing or water that is too hot, especially if you are using good quality loose leaf tea or pearls.
  • 2 – Mix together the chilled tea, ¾ of the sugar, and all other ingredients for the batch together in a mixing jug or bowl. Ensure sugar is dissolved if you’re using sugar and not sugar syrup.
  • 3 –  Taste and stir in the rest of the sugar to ensure the recipe is well balanced. The balance point of this drink will depend on the apple juice you get your hands on. Some are much sweeter than others, so you may not need to add all the sugar.
  • 4 – Add the batch to a sterile bottle, put a lid on and store it in the fridge.
  • To Serve –
  • 1 – Add your chosen spirit to a tall glass, or skip this step for a non-alcoholic version.
  • 2 – Add chilled batch to the glass too
  • 3 – Fill with cubed ice
  • 4 – Garnish and serve

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Jasmine Garden
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Get nerdy with it

JASMINE GREEN TEA – Jasmine flowers are used to add a floral note to tea. We’ve used one with a green tea base, so just keep that in mind when shopping. A white tea could also work, but black tea would fit less well.

The higher the grade of tea the better the flavour. However please take care when brewing, especially with the fancier teas. Higher grade teas are more delicate and easier to over extract tannins and make your tea bitter to the point of being undrinkable. Check out our guide here, but if in doubt, brew with cold water, in the fridge overnight. This will give you all the flavour and none of the tannins!

PRESSED APPLE JUICE – Get your hands on some decent apple juice. 

The stuff that’s simply been pressed from an apple. Rich, cloudy and green. Don’t use that thin, sweet, brown stuff made from concentrate.

FRESH LEMON JUICE – Best bet is to squeeze your own and then pass it through a sieve or fine strainer to remove any seeds or bits of flesh. You can buy fresh lemon juice these days, but from specialist suppliers. Don’t be tricked into getting a bottle of ‘fresh lemon juice’ from the supermarket. If it’s not stored in a refrigerator, it most certainly isn’t FRESHand will ruin your cocktails.

SUGAR –  Our recipes use a Rich Simple Syrup (2:1 sugar : water) which you can make here or you can buy it from most stores these days…but it’s so simple to make! If neither of those solutions (pun intended) work for you, you can just use caster or Bakers sugar that’s fine enough to dissolve in cold liquids.

SEA SALT – You do NOT want to make a salty cocktail, you just want a little pinch of salt to help with flavours in the recipe pop, so add with caution!

ICE – Only needed for service. FILL your glass with, ideally, nice big cold chunks of cubed ice. A full glass of ice and larger chunks will look better and importantly stay as ice for longer, not adding more unnecessary water to your drink. 

Why we chose this recipe for you

Tea is such a great ingredient to use in cocktails, and this is a delicious and simple way to include tea in your cocktails.

This style of drink is a gamechanger to have in your cocktail repertoire. You’re essentially making your own, homemade cocktail mixer. Something that can live in the fridge. Ready to drink when the moment grabs you, and no need to add booze either. You can have a glass of it with your breakfast as a delicious non-alcoholic juice. Then when you fancy something a little stronger, you can mix in whatever spirit takes your fancy at that moment. 

When it comes to entertaining, you can have a drink that’s prepared ahead of time, so you avoid being stuck making drinks for your guests all night. At the same time, it still gives you flexibility to suit your different guests. The Gin drinker, Vodka drinker, Tequila drinker and more, can all enjoy their own tweak on the same base recipe. Bonus, your designated driving guests don’t have to miss out on the fun either.

Happy and smart mixing!

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