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A Cuban icon and quite simply a ‘must-know’ classic. If you like mint, this is one of the greatest, long, refreshing cocktails you can make.



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  • 45 ml LIGHT RUM (2 parts)
  • 20 ml FRESH LIME JUICE (1 part)
  • 10 ml SUGAR or RICH SIMPLE SYRUP (1/2 part)
  • 45 ml SPARKLING WATER (2 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Add all ingredients and a little crushed ice to the glass. 
  • 2 – Use a stirrer, or spoon to fold ingredients together, and to dissolve the sugar if you are using sugar not syrup.
  • 3 – This agitation will be plenty to release all the delicious flavours from the mint leaves – you are not making PESTO so do not crush the leaves and make swamp water! You want bright light minty flavours, not stewed bitter ones.
  • 4 – This is also why you must use lime JUICE and not muddle pieces of lime with your mint and sugar – this is a Mojito NOT a Caipirinha.
  • 5 – Fold in more crushed ice, then taste for balance. Adjust if needed, then add as much ice as possible to the glass, creating a mound of ice above the rim of the glass.  Note: Each time ice is added, ensure mint leaves are distributed and suspended throughout the drink.
  • 6 – Add a reusable or recyclable straw, then next to it, slide in a sprig of mint and serve.

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Get nerdy with it

RUM Ideally light and Cuban in style to recreate this crisp refreshing classic. However this recipe can handle all sorts of good rums, but the flavours in your choice of rum will have a huge impact on the character of the drink.

FRESH LIME JUICE Best to be safe and squeeze your own, but to be clear, don’t crush lime pieces into this drink, it’s only the juice you want! If you do decide to buy juice, make sure it is freshly SQUEEZED lime juice meant for drinks NOT cooking. No easier way to mess up a citrus based cocktail than to use bad juice!

SUGAR Simple syrup (rich) or caster / bakers sugar – either will do.

8-10 MINT LEAVES Number of leaves per serve – more or less depending on size of leaves.

SPARKLING WATER  Use something with high carbonation (strong bubbles!).

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Why we chose this recipe for you

The Mojito is rivalled only by the Daiquiri as Cuba’s most famous cocktail.

A well made Mojito also has what we call the ‘sizzle effect’. The name given to any drink or dish that goes out into a bar or restaurant and makes people turn their heads and say, ‘I want that!’ 

The Mojito is not a particularly difficult drink to make, as long as a little care and attention is taken. Yet, to make it look beautiful and taste great does take some work, and a good few touches (i.e. how many times you have to ‘touch’ the drink to make it. You want to make any drinks with as few ‘touches’ as possible, it makes you faster and more efficient!), so it’s not a particularly quick drink to make. On top of this, you have to make each of them individually in their own glass. You can’t simply shake or stir multiple together at the same time and then strain out into multiple glasses.

So beware when volunteering to make Mojitos for large groups.

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