Sweet Manhattan (Bottled)

It may be older than the Martini, but like that Dry Gin classic, this New York icon is also a drink that can be adapted to the personal preferences of the drinker.

That being said, you have to start somewhere, so here’s our Manhattan recipe for you to batch.



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  • 1 1/3 Parts WATER
  • 2 Dashes (per serve) ANGOSTURA BITTERS
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How to make it

  • 1 – Measure out all ingredients into a jug, except for Bitters – better to add them to the glass when you serve. 
  • 2 – Add the mixture to a glass bottle or jar and store in fridge.
  • 3 – It depends on how much your are batching, but anything up to about the size of full bottle (700ml or 750ml) will be cold enough to drink if left in the freezer for approx 2 – 3 hrs. Smaller bottles will chill faster and larger bottles will of course take longer. If preparing for a party, using an ice bath is the best solution for keeping your drinks ice cold for your guests. 
  • 4 – When ready to serve, simply pour your ice-cold batched Manhattan into a chilled cocktail glass, add Bitters to taste, garnish as preferred and you’re done!
  • 5 – As there are no fresh ingredients in this recipe, this cocktail will last indefinitely if looked after well. Keep chilled, closed and out of sunlight for best results.
  • 6 – If you want to stir this recipe with ice and serve immediately. DO NOT INCLUDE the water in your recipe. The water is only for batching. Simply stir the rest of the ingredients with ice to chill and add the required dilution, then serve.
  • 7 – Garnish with orange / lemon twist / cherry.

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Sweet Manhattan (Bottled)
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Get nerdy with it

AMERICAN WHISK(E)Y To follow the classic by the letter, you should be using a Rye Whisk(e)y, but in these modern days, a Bourbon or other American Whiskies are more than acceptable. There are also some fantastic Canadian Whiskies that you can use too. 

SWEET VERMOUTH Happily there are many to choose from these days and what you decide to use will have a big impact on the final drink, especially if you keep the 2:1 ratio of Vermouth to Whisk(e)y that we recommend here. If you want a solid start then grab a bottle of Dolin Rouge, a favourite of ours, or go here for some more options and ideas.

MARASCHINO LIQUEUR This delicious Italian Cherry Liqueur is both sweet and dry at the same time, and is a popular ingredient in many an expert’s favourite Manhattan recipe.

ANGOSTURA BITTERS These are the complex aromatics that bind a Manhattan into a cohesive recipe that’s more than just a collection of delicious ingredients. To avoid any disasters, we recommend leaving the Angostura bitters out of the batch. Add to each glass when serving.

WATER This is the water that would be added from ice-melt when using traditional stirring techniques. The amount of water has been calculated for this batch using a Whisk(e)y at 90 proof / 45% ABV. Therefore, if you are using a stronger Whisk(e)y you will need to add a little more water, and if you are using a lower strength Whisk(e)y, you will need to add a little less. As always, taste to check the balance of your batch and TRUST YOUR PALATE!

Check out our batching guide for more information.

Why we chose this recipe for you

If you enjoy American Whisk(e)y, you owe it to yourself to find your perfect Manhattan recipe…it’s definitely out there for you! You can also find variants that use Scotch or Japanese Whisk(e)y if you prefer, or even switch out Vermouth for Amaro.

From the ratio of its ingredients to the choice of brands and garnish, the Manhattan is a recipe that is fully customisable. However, as mentioned before, you have to start somewhere, and we believe that this is a great recipe to start you on your Manhattan journey.

This being a batched recipe, the ratio of ingredients is set, however, you have the freedom to choose your preferred brand of ingredients, in particular, your favourite American Whisk(e)y. As you develop, you may want to customise your recipe more and more. Including the ratios of ingredients, removing or replacing the Maraschino etc. To do this, revert to the traditional stirring technique to chill and add the essential dilution. 

For now however, try our batch recipe, whether you’re an experienced Manhattan drinker or not, we think this is a delicious recipe…obviously! It’s also such a treat to have a bottle of Manhattan sitting in your fridge, just ready and waiting for when you fancy a tipple or making you look like a rockstar when you’re entertaining.

As mentioned before, the recipe will be even better for having at least a few days resting in a bottle before serving, so if you are planning to serve this drink to friends when entertaining, try and plan ahead if possible. 

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