Marmalade Bliss

A perfect blend of sweet citrus, warming alcohol and smooth rich cream. Is it indulgent? Oh yes. However it’s light and easy enough that you’ll keep coming back from more.

Approach with caution…it’s not as innocent as it looks.



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  • 15 ml MARMALADE (1/2 part)
  • 30 ml GIN or VODKA (1 part)
  • 60 ml CREAM LIQUEUR (2 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Add marmalade and Gin or Vodka to your shaker
  • 2 – Dissolve marmalade into spirit by stirring quickly with a spoon or stirrer 
  • 3 – Add Cream Liqueur to shaker and other ingredients
  • 4 – Fill shaker with ice
  • 5 – Shake hard with ice
  • 6 – Strain into glass over ice, (garnish) and serve

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Marmalade Bliss
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Get nerdy with it

MARMALADE – If you want to earn extra credit with your friends then obviously you need to make your own! However, most people don’t make Marmalade, so as always, just buy something decent. 

The only real question is, do you buy with or without rind? The choice is really up to you. To some, the few bits of rind that make it through the strainer and into the glass look pretty. To others they’re an aberration. Ultimately though, it’s up to you. 

If you can only get your hands on marmalade with bits in, but you really don’t want any bits in your drink, you can always use a fine strainer as you pour your drink into your glass. This will remove any hint of debris and you can drink without the fear of bits getting stuck between your teeth! 

GIN or VODKA – Really it’s up to you, but a few pointers we might suggest. If you prefer Gin, we’d recommend a citrus led Gin that will obviously pour well with the Marmalade. Vodka’s relative neutrality means that you can use whichever Vodka you usually enjoy drinking. If you prefer flavour Vodkas then again, go for a citrus, lemon or orange flavoured Vodka.

CREAM LIQUEUR – There are plenty to choose from and we are rather partial to the South African variety called Amarula. Many brands are now bringing out non-dairy versions of their products which can happily be subbed in for in this recipe.

Why we chose this recipe for you

At some point in your life someone will bring around a bottle of cream liquor over the holidays, maybe you’ll even buy one yourself. However, except for serving it over ice, pouring it into coffee or drizzling over ice cream, most people have few ideas of what to do with it. So, in many houses bottles just sit there unused for month after month…well, we can’t be having that! 

We decided you needed a delicious and easy drinking recipe that will make the most of any cream liqueur, and make sure you use it up while it’s still at its best.

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