Pornstar Martini

The Pornstar Martini cocktail recipe: vanilla, passion fruit, citrus, vodka AND sparkling wine. What’s not to love?! Made with quality ingredients and along with a delicate touch to find their perfect balance point and you have a heady and luxurious mixture that’ll turn any frown upside down. Even hardened Manhattan and Dry Martini drinkers! Read More




  • 45 ml VANILLA VODKA (1 1/2 parts)
  • 15 ml PASSIONFRUIT LIQUEUR (1/2 part)
  • 15 ml LIME JUICE (1/2 part)
  • 7.5 ml VANILLA SYRUP (1/4 part)
  • 60 ml CHAMPAGNE or SPARKLING WINE (2 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Cut a passion fruit into two uneven halves. Take the smaller ‘cup’ and set aside for garnish.
  • 2 – Scrape the contents of the larger ¾ ‘half’ of the passion fruit out into a cocktail shaker.
  • 3 – Add all other ingredients to a mixing glass, fill with ice and shake hard.
  • 4 – Fine strain into a cocktail glass.
  • 5 – Float the smaller cup of passion fruit on top of the the drink to garnish.
  • 6 – Pour a small glass of sparkling wine and serve on the side.
  • 7 – NB: To make your own Vanilla Vodka, split open a vanilla bean, scrape out the insides and add it to your favourite bottle of vodka along with the rest of the vanilla pod. Shake the bottle hard and leave to infuse. Leave for as long as you can resist!
  • 8 – For vanilla syrup, you can make your own using our guide
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Pornstar Martini
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