Ranch Water

Ranch Water is a modern classic cocktail from West Texas and it’s an excellent drink. Especially if you want to drink a cocktail while stood out in the garden around the BBQ or other such informal gatherings. ZERO hassle, no b.s., 100% delicious drink! Read More





  • 30 ml TEQUILA (1 part)
  • 10 ml FRESH LIME JUICE (1/3 part)
  • 180 ml SPARKLING WATER (6 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Take a chilled (MUST BE ICE-COLD!) bottle of Topo Chico and pour out (or drink) 2oz of water.
  • 2 – Carefully pour your chosen spirit into the bottle with the remaining water, then repeat the process with the fresh lime juice.
  • 3 – Add a wedge of lime in the top and your are ready to go!
  • 4 – We recommend that you tell whoever is drinking the Ranch Water to put their thumb over the top of the bottle and very slowly turn the bottle upside down and then back around the right way before every carefully removing their thumb…being aware that the drink could fizz like a shaken bottle of champagne! However, it will ensure that the first sip will not be just booze and lime juice…so worth the risk, and it’s a bit of entertainment for everyone!
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Ranch Water
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Why we chose this recipe for you

Ranch water was originally made with Tequila, and still is if you order it in Texas. It’s the specific use of Topo Chico and serving the drink in the bottle that means this isn’t a Tequila Rickey…because otherwise it really is. Therefore, with that in mind, we believe it’s fair game to mix in any spirit you like…just don’t call it Ranch Water if you don’t use Tequila…name it yourself!

If you want to try something you might never think of then Gin’s predecessor, Genever, is particularity delicious (admittedly probably more of a niche choice!). The grainy notes and body of Whisky, with some of the botanicals of Gin. Delicious!

No doubt some Ranch Water purist will probably loose their f*ing mind reading this suggestion…but who cares, do what tastes good to you! 

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