Royal Bitter Spritz

When you think of the English summer, you think of rain and strawberries. Strawberries are quintessentially English and are found at most celebratory moments (ie. Wimbledon, Royal Ascot..) often accompanied by bubbles.

A deliciously fresh strawberry Spritz recipe that might have the look of something sweet and fruity, but it’s actually delightfully subtle, dry and clean on the palate with a light bitter finish.



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  • 20 ml GIN (1 part)
  • 10 ml BITTER APERITIVO (1/2 part)
  • 20 ml FRESH GRAPEFRUIT JUICE (1 part)
  • 60 ml SPARKLING WATER (3 parts)
  • 60 ml SPARKLING WINE (3 parts)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Remove the green tops and finely slice both strawberries.
  • 2 – Add strawberry slices to your glass, then add all liquid ingredients.
  • 3 – Fill the glass with as much ice as you can and use a stirrer to ensure strawberries are distributed throughout the drink and to help their flavour infuse into the drink.
  • 4 – Spray a pink grapefruit twist over the top of the drink then add the peel carefully on top of the ice and you’re done.

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Royal Bitter Spritz
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Fresh Strawberries 0 0
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Get nerdy with it

GIN We recommend a classic English style Gin, something citrus led works best.

BITTER APERITIVO The “go to” here is Campari, but there are a good few different bitter Aperitivos to choose from these days.

FRESH PINK GRAPEFRUIT JUICE Red or pink grapefruit will do here, but white grapefruit will be a little too sour. If you do only have white grapefruit, then you may need to add a little sugar to balance the recipe. Above all, just make sure it’s freshly squeezed.

SPARKLING WATER Go for something highly carbonated to give the drink the ‘FIZZ’ it needs. You can of course, make your own.

SPARKLING WINE Prosecco is the traditional Sparkling Wine to use in a Spritz, but here at Candra we value how good something tastes over protocol! So, crack open whatever tastes good to you and let others worry about tradition.

FRESH STRAWBERRIES More than just to look pretty, the strawberries are a key flavour that will infuse into the drink. So, try and get your hands on some beautifully ripe and flavoursome berries to use here. 

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Why we chose this recipe for you

A moment of rediscovery inspired the writing of this spritz recipe. Pink grapefruit, strawberry and Bitter Aperitivo is such a great combination of flavours to build a recipe around.

However, unlike in previous recipes where the strawberries were used as a purée to deliver a less subtle flavour and much heavier texture, this Spritz reimagining is far lighter and more delicate; Just as a good Spritz should be.

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