A New Orleans classic, the Sazerac is like a more herbaceous Old Fashioned cocktail. It’s an old recipe dating back to the 1800s. Exactly when in the 1800s, depends on which story you believe. 

What’s not in doubt, is the use of New Orleans’ own, complex, anise led, and brightly coloured Peychaud’s bitters. A rinse of Absinthe is also key to the character and aroma of the Sazerac.

The base spirit has varied over the years for various reasons, only adding to the confusion over the exact history of the drink. It’s been made with both Cognac and American Whiskey as well as combinations of the two. Read More


  • 45 ml RYE WHISKEY (1 1/2 parts)
  • 45 ml BRANDY (1 1/2 parts)
  • 15 ml STILL WATER (1/2 part)
  • 10 ml ABSINTHE (1/3 part)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Fill a lowball glass with cubed ice, drizzle absinthe over the ice and stir with a spoon for 7 or 8 seconds.
  • 2 – Set the lowball glass filled with ice and absinthe to one side.
  • 3 – Add all other ingredients to a mixing glass.
  • 4 – If using sugar and not syrup, use a spoon to dissolve the sugar into the liquids first.
  • 5 – Fill the mixing glass with ice and stir ingredients together.
  • 6 – The water is added to help speed up the stirring process.
  • 7 – Be patient and taste the mixture to find the perfect point of dilution
  • 8 – When ready to serve, empty the lowball glass. Do this by slowly pouring out the ice and absinthe into a sink and rotating the glass at the same time to completely coat the inside of the glass with the absinthe.
  • 9 – Strain into the chilled and coated glass.
  • 10 – Garnish with a twist of lemon and serve.
  • 11 – Traditionally the Sazerac is served without ice, but if you want a nice block of ice in there, we won’t judge.
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Brandy 0 0 ml
Still Water 0 0 ml
Tsp Sugar Syrup or Caster/Bakers Sugar 0 0
Dash Peychauds Bitters 0 0
Dash Angostura Bitters 0 0
Lemon Twist 0 0

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