So, we may be biased, but we think this might be the most delicious juice recipe on the planet! That is, unless you hate mint, despise grapefruit or reject apples! If so, who are you!? 



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  • 150 ml PRESSED APPLE JUICE (5 parts)
  • 60 ml GRAPEFRUIT JUICE (2 parts)
  • 30 ml LEMON JUICE (1 part)
  • 15 ml RICH SIMPLE SYRUP (1/2 part)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Measure all ingredients into highball glass.
  • 2 – Add 1/3 glass of ice and fold ingredients together to gently extract the flavours from the mint leaves.
  • 3 – Repeat the process, making sure the mint leaves are evenly distributed through the glass.
  • 4 – Finish with ice to the top of the glass, then garnish and serve. 

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Get nerdy with it.

PRESSED APPLE JUICE – Choose a good quality cloudy pressed juice made from actual apples! The green looking stuff, not that weird sweet brown awfulness. The sweetness of the juice will have a huge impact on the final balance of this drink. So, make sure to taste and adjust as needed.

PINK GRAPEFRUIT – Pink or red, either will do, just make sure it’s fresh. 

FRESH LEMON JUICE – As always, make sure it’s freshly squeezed.

SUGAR / RICH SIMPLE SYRUP – How much you need will depend on the sweetness of the apple juice. Make sure to taste the drink and trust your palate.

Ensure to use (a white) caster or baker’s sugar if you’re not using syrup. Syrup is simple to make or very easy to buy these days. Check out our guide to sugar, syrups and cordial here.

MINT LEAVES – The delicious flavours of fresh mint are easily imparted into the drink. Simply folding all the ingredients together with the ice will be enough agitation to extract the flavours. 

Don’t crush the mint into sludge!

Why we chose this recipe for you

We all need a few good juice recipes. 

This non-alcoholic creation of ours, is deliciously refreshing and surprisingly complex whilst still being nice’n easy to make. Perfect for enjoying a drink when you’re skipping booze.

It’s also great for mixing with clear spirits or Fruit Cup (Eg Pimms), making it a veritable liquid “Swiss Army Knife”. 

Producing a batch of this juice is a genius move for low effort but high satisfaction entertaining. If your guests want to add alcohol, they can mix it themselves using 3 parts of Smashapple with 1 part of their choice of booze. 

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