White Negroni

The White Negroni is a clear twist on the classic Negroni that’s a little lighter and a touch drier than the classic. This is due to the replacement of sweet vermouth with Lillet Blanc, an off-dry, aperitif wine that is less sweet than its red counterparts. 

Although Lillet Blanc is the original choice here, there are a number of good off-dry aperitif wines to choose from these days. Just remember that you’re looking for a Blanc or Bianco style, not Dry or Extra Dry. Read More




  • 25 ml GIN (1 part)
  • 25 ml LILLET BLANC (1 part)
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How to make it

  • 1 – Add all ingredients to your mixing glass, then fill with ice.
  • 2 – Stir to chill and add dilution. As the alcohol strength is already lowered by inclusion of vermouth and bitter liqueur the stirring process is fairly brief, so be careful not to over dilute.
  • 3 – When the perfect dilution point is reached (remember, use your nose and palate to find that exact moment), strain ingredients into a lowball glass.
  • 4 – Fill glass with ice, ideally large block.
  • 5 – Garnish and serve.
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White Negroni
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