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Any drink, no matter how delicious, can be improved with the right company, lighting and music.

We’ve curated playlists that suit all of our menus, and if you didn’t know we’d created menus for different occasions, now you do! 


That meal between lunch and dinner that somehow seems to to extend until about 3pm… surely that’s Lunner?!
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That magical time of day when the whole night lays ahead of you. The anticipation of what delicious treats are to be experienced or adventures may come?
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Laidback genius

When you want to impress with delicious drinks, but you also want to make life easy!
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Sports Day

When you want the atmosphere of people around you cheering on your team, BUT you want to have a comfy seat, a view of the screen and not have to listen to strangers’ terrible analysis of the game!
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How much juice can you squeeze from a lemon?!

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