Tanqueray Gin

What : Gin
Where : Cameron Bridge Distillery, Scotland
Alcohol : 43.1% ABV / 47.3% ABV

What they say

Fortune favours the brave. Back in the 1830s Charles Tanqueray wasn’t afraid to mix his bold ideas. His ingenious pursuit for perfection paid off, creating Tanqueray London Dry, a perfectly balanced gin and one of the most awarded gins in the world. 


Cameron Bridge Distillery, Scotland

Angelica root

These are the 4 Botanicals Tanqueray confirm are included.

Orris Root is traditionally used to fix flavours to alcohol in gin, as in perfume, so it’s possibly included in the recipe or botanicals here, although the exact recipe is kept under wraps

Diageo Cameronbridge Distillery

25ml of Tanqueray Gin contains 67 calories

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