Spring Cocktails To Make At Home

Welcome to our recommended list of the best cocktails to mix for spring 2023. In the Northern Hemisphere the days are getting longer, and temperatures are slowly starting to rise. It’s time to start mixing drinks that are a little lighter in style, yet more full bodied than what we might mix in the height of summer to suit the cooler evenings, and lingering rainy day. 

If you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, you’re also in the seasonal transition phase, with evenings getting cooler as winter begins its approach. We’ve built this list of recommended spring recipes with this in mind, which means that these recipes suit wherever you are.

Happy mixing!

01. Americano

This classic Italian aperitivo is long and refreshing like a Spritz or Highball, but rich and flavoursome like a Negroni. This makes it a great drink for anytime and why it’s perfect to headline a spring cocktails list, as its a time of the year when you might experience any weather.


02. Bees Knees

A classic sour based recipe that has a light and botanical character through the use of gin, but also a warm depth of flavour from the use of honey instead of sugar to balance the acidity of the fresh lemon juice. This is a perfect example of spring cocktails that can be batched ahead ahead of time and ready for gatherings.

Bees Knees

03. Clover Club

Light and refreshing, rich and fluffy, fruity and jammy. What a great drink this classic is, and although it could be suited to any time of year, the Clover Club will truly get you in the mood for warm weather to come. 

Hopefully you have some of last season’s raspberry syrup left or take advantage of the early season fruit where you can.  

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Clover Club

04. Dark ‘n’ Stormy

A member of the Buck family, maybe even the originator of that family, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy is almost as it sounds. Brooding and spicy with dark molasses undertones. If one drink was the season of spring, the Dark ‘n’ Stormy has got to be a contender. 

Light and bright days that at any moment might turn overcast and thunderous. Whatever the weather, this is a delicious and perfect accompaniment.

Dark ‘n’ Stormy

05. Cosmopolitan

A perfect balance of light vodka, dry fruit and crisp citrus. The Cosmopolitan has the ingredients of a long summer cooler, served as a short and boozy little glassful. Like spring, it’s almost summer…but it’s not. 


06. Dry Martini

A recipe that, for those who love a Dry Martini, is suited to any and every time and occasion. However, if there’s a time to reacquaint yourself with the Dry Martini, or try one for the first time perhaps, springtime is the perfect time. 

Gin, for many, is a spirit that many people turn to in the warmer months. So, it only makes sense that one of gin’s lightest, by most boozy offerings is perfect for the brighter, but not so ferociously hot weather of spring.

Dry Martini

07. Gimlet

A short, sharp, and crisp classic cocktail that’s bright and refreshing on the palate. Sip on a Gimlet and make it your go to spring cocktail, then more over to a Gin Rickey when you get to the heat of the middle of summer.


08. Irish American Old Fashioned

Whiskey doesn’t disappear in the warmer months, and nor do those who love an Old Fashioned. This version blends in Irish Whiskey with Bourbon, uses maple syrup instead of sugar switches in chocolate bitters for the aromatic bitters. 

This creates an Old Fashioned that’s perfect for the in-between season of springtime. One part a throwback to the holiday season, one part a look forward to the lighter days of summer.

Irish American Old Fashioned

09. Last Word

Short and crisp, sweet and herbaceous, boozy and citrussy. This is a citrus cocktail that’s not as obviously as refreshing as some citrus cocktails that might be your go-to summer cocktails. However, its bright, aromatic and citrussy character portends to the warmer days to come!

Last Word

10. Kilinga Espresso Martini

The cocktail juggernaut that is the Espresso Martini is drunk all year round, but springtime is the season for new starts. With that in mind, it’s the perfect time to try a new variation on this modern classic. 

Made with Bacanora, the agave spirit from the region of Sonora in Mexico. It’s light and grassy with bright complexity (the one we recommend, Kilinga, is anyway). With the use of orange liqueur and slices of fresh orange shaken in with the espresso, is a fresher, lighter take on the Espresso Martini.

Bacanora Espresso Martini

11. Negroni Sbagliato

This delicious classic variation is the perfect Negroni spin for spring. With a splash of prosecco in place of gin, the Sbagliato is a lighter style of Negroni which still has body and complexity, whilst not reaching the all-out light effervescence of a spritz. 


12. Paper Plane

A crisp sour-based cocktail that also brings a depth of flavour thanks to the use of Bourbon, Amaro and Bitter Aperitivo. It’s a citrussy drink that’s served short and ‘Up’, rather than long over ice. 

Aperol and fresh citrus along with a light Amaro (Nonino) and Bourbon, gives the Paper Plane crisp and refreshing, as well as a bitter and warming character. A flavour profile that’s perfect for the transitional feeling of springtime. 

Paper Plane

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